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20 July

20 July 1934

In 1934, Karkaly district was created

July 20, 1934 by the Decision of Central Committee of Kazakhstan Karkaraly district was created. July 19, 1935 by Decision of the Kazakh SSR 3 villages of Bayanaaul such as Zhanakala, Korneev and Ulgii were transferred to Karkarala. This year, the Karkarala district had 19 aul (villages) and rural councils: Besobinsky, Badrinsky, Milybulaksky, Telmansky, Koktyubinsky, Komsomol, Enbeksky, Temirshinsky, Zharlinsky, Seriksky, Orazsky, Kyzylarai, Kent, Kulboldinsky, Sart Bidaiksky, Karshygalinsky. This year, the Zhanarkinsk district had Atasusky, Birliksky, Eskenensky, Zharyksky, Karauyltyubinsky, Stalin - only 9 councils of the village.