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Events calendar

7 September

7 September 2001

The 1st Youth Congress of Kazakhstan took place in Aktau in 2001

The Youth Congress of Kazakhstan took place within the celebration of 10th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan in Aktau, according to the press service of executive authority of Mangistau region. The main theme of the congress’s work was the discussion of the state youth policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Decision to hold the Youth Congress was made on the basis of the parliamentary hearings on the concept of youth policy in the Republic of Kazakhstan in June 2001.

Leaders of national and regional youth organizations, members of local and regional Maslikhats, representatives of creative youth, young journalists, the delegation of the parliamentary parties and regions of Kazakhstan attended the congress. It was planned that the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev will attend it. Representatives of youth structures of the CIS countries, as well as special guests — representatives of international youth organizations attended the congress.

According to official figures the youth of Kazakhstan is 26% of population, or 3 million 787 thousand people. More than 150 children and youth associations, 6 of which have national status were registered in the country. The festival «Caspian Sea — the Sea of Friendship» and international sailing competitions «Caspian regatta» was held during the congress in Aktau.

7 September 1991

The Communist Party of Kazakhstan was dissolved in 1991

At the end of 1990 the Communist Party of Kazakhstan had 800 thousand communists. The regional, city and district committees had been continued working. The criticism of the Communist Party was still continued in the media. The authority of the Communist Party fell. The cases quitting the party were very frequent. A failed attempt of state revolution, which was headed by the senior officials of the Communist Party, led to the collapse of the CPSU.

August 23, 1991, the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev announced his withdrawal from the Politburo. Later, the Communist Party of Kazakhstan itself was fully withdrew from the CPSU.