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08 August 2013


Oranhai are subordinated to China. They live on the Big Kemkemshik, Kosogol and on the southern slopes of the Tannu-Ola mountains. They call themselves - Toba. They still speak on the ancient language. Below hoshoty (Districts): Hozot on the Kosogol; Halush, Erket, Hasut, Argymak, in the Tannu-Ola mountains; Oiyn, Erhet, Suyun, Choda, Salzhak - on the Big Ken River; Salzhak, Kyrgyz, Kul, Baygar on the Baykem river; Akshida, Karashida, Tuzshy, Kishik, Kashku, Erget, Saba, Karamonkish, Karamonkish, Keyde Orzhak, Gabalyk - in hoshone (District) Sayan Noyan; Kolot, Suyun, Karatolzhak, Kuzhigit, Saryhlar, Tungak, Huaular, Karasal, Adyntollosh , Tomat, Kyrgyz, Madi, Zhuda, on Kemkemshik in district (hoshot) Duan.

There is another nation that speaks a Turkic language and inhabits between the Kyrgyz-nur and Obsa-nur lakes. Mughals (Mongols) they call themselves Haton. They are the descendants of Turks that were captured by Kalmaks. They sow the wheat for the tore-“white bone: (Kalmatsk aristocrats). The nomads themselves. Today they are the sedentary (tillers) in the Dobbensk Uan-tore.

  From the book of Shakarim Kudayberdy-uly "Genealogy of Turks, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs and their Khan dynasties". Translation by B. Kairbekov. - Alma-Ata, Dastan JV, 1990


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