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12 March

12 March 1951

The law on the Protection of the World was adopted on March 12, 1951

March 12, 1951 the Supreme Soviet adopted the Law on the Protection of the World. 118 millions of Soviet citizens, including 4 millions of Kazakhs subscribed under appeal of the pact of World.  The law considers propaganda of war as the gravest crime against humanity and establishes criminal liability of persons, who were guilty in propaganda of war, in any forms it may be carried out. Similar laws were adopted in many countries. 

12 March 1993

Exactly 23 years ago was made the first flight in the history of independent Kazakhstan.

23 years ago the first private Kazakhstan airline company "Azamat" made flight from Almaty to Sharjah, on a completely new airliner TU-154m, with the trained crews for international flights. The aircraft commander was Boris Batsikadze, who  the engineer-pilot 1st class. Boris Batsikadze, the aircraft commander, was first class engineer-pilot. The flight was calm, at an attitude of 10,600 meters. On the board were 90 passengers, including 8 people -representatives of diplomatic missions of UAE and businessmen. The aircraft arrived at the airport Sharjah right on schedule, after 4.5 hours. 

12 March 1999

March 12, 1999, one of the street of Cairo in Egypt was named after Abay

In 1999 in Cairo, at the petition applied by Bolathan Tayzhan, opened a street named after Abay, where at that time located the Embassy of Kazakhstan.