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24 November

24 November 1880

The birthday of Gulsum Asfendiyarova, public figure and one of the first women to become a doctor in Kazakhstan

The birthday of Gulsum Asfendiyarova, public figure, one of the first women to become a doctor in Kazakhstan. Asfendiyarova Gulsum was a doctor, the delegate of the All-Russian Congress of Turkestan Muslims in Kazan, a member of the Central Interim Organizational Bureau of Muslims in Russia.

The Kazakh women were able to receive a medical degree in St. Petersburg, at the beginning of the XX century. Among them — the first Kazakh woman doctor, Gulsum Asfendiyarova. She graduated from the Women’s Medical Institute in St. Petersburg.

She participated in the All-Russian Congress of Turkestan Muslims in Kazan, as a delegate from Turkestan. At the congress she was elected to the Central Bureau of Muslimsin Russia.