«We need to look into the past in order to understand the present and foresee the future»

Basic and applied researches

Basic and applied researches
In public institution "Institute of history of the state" of KN of MOH PK four scientific departments: the scientific and information; national history, source study and historiography;

In public institution "Institute of history of the state" of KN of MOH PK four scientific departments: the scientific and information; national history, source study and historiography; industrial and innovative development and ethnosocial processes; evraziystvo and comparative political researches are carried out 6 fundamental and 4 applied scientific projects financed on the program 055 "Basic and applied scientific researches", with realization term in 2012-2014.

  Subjects of existing projects for 2012-2014 correspond to Subject of the research projects directed on realization of priorities of the Message of the President of RK "Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050": the new political policy of the taken place state" also is covered by key questions of the sphere of domestic and foreign policy of Kazakhstan, and also to scientific activities of departments of Institute. Besides, projects realized at Institute cover the following scientific directions and the subdirections provided by the Thematic plan of scientific researches: "Formation of the Kazakhstan model of innovative economy", New principles of social policy", "Values and ideals of Independent Kazakhstan", "World outlook and cultural wealth", "The functional reasons of crisis of values of a civilization", "Prevention of religious extremism", "Safety and geopolitics", "New Kazakhstan patriotism", "Historical consciousness and ethnocultural genetic code of the Kazakh people".

So, at Institute the following basic researches are carried out:

1) «Современный Казахстан: история становления и перспективы развития»;

2) «Духовно-идеологические процессы в современном Казахстане»;

3) «Ұлттық экономиканың қалыптасуы мен дамуы: тарихи тәжірибе»;

4) «Формирование толерантной среды и противодействие религиозному и этническому экстремизму  (комплексное исследование)»;

5) «Тәуелсіз Қазақстанның интеллектуалды әлеуеті: қалыптасуы мен болашағы»;

6) «Казахстан в мировом сообществе»,

 and also applied researches:

1) «Қазіргі Қазақстан тарихының дерек көздері»; 

2) «Қазіргі Қазақстан тарихы мен тарихнамасы»;

3) «Астана – город третьего тысячелетия: история и современность»;

4) «Астана – культурная столица СНГ и тюркского мира».

Scientific projects carried out at Institute have an obvious exit to practical realization and innovations in 2014, expected results of researches have social, economic, socio-political and welfare effect and are demanded in society. They meet needs of the state and the society, following from the tasks put by the Head of state in his program article "Social modernization of Kazakhstan. Twenty steps to Society of general Work", in the Message of the President of the country to the people of Kazakhstan "Strategy "Kazakhstan-2050": new political policy of the taken place state".

New researches and development of scientists-historians: monographs, manuals and standard programs of new generation are demanded in educational process in higher education institutions and high comprehensive schools, and also in the general public.

Release of popular scientific and reference editions about the capital of Kazakhstan also is especially necessary in a predveriya of carrying out the international exhibition "EXPO-2017" in Astana.

Upon completion of planned researches the exit of the following scientific and educational and methodical production is provided:

monographs: «Қазіргі Қазақстан және тарихи сана», "Spiritual and ideological processes in modern Kazakhstan",

anthologies «Қазіргі Қазақстан тарихының дерек көздері», educational and methodical grant «Қазіргі Қазақстан тарихнамасы»,

The standard program "Modern History of Kazakhstan" for unhistorical specialties of a bachelor degree of higher education institutions (in the Kazakh and Russian languages),

manual "Modern History of Kazakhstan",

the popular scientific edition "Astana – the city of the third millennium: history and present",

photo album "Astana – the cultural capital of the CIS and the Turkic world".

Scientific projects are aimed by Vypolyaemye and at performance of problems of ensuring high-quality breakthrough of historical science, updating of methodology, expansion of istochnikovy base and tools of researches according to tendencies of development of historical science and as a whole social and humanitarian knowledge in the world, put at National meeting on questions of studying of national history on June 5, 2013 under predsedatelsvy the State secretary of RK M. M. Tazhina.

The material is provided by Institute of history of the state of KN of MAUN of RK.