The exhibition of the Kazakhs’ jewelry, arts and crafts was opened in Astana.

29 December 2013
The exhibition of the Kazakhs’ jewelry, arts and crafts was opened in Astana.
The exhibition "Tarikhi zhadіgerler" was opened in the State Museum of Gold and Precious Metals.

The exhibition features a collection of museum exhibits - the household items, national jewelry and antiques (sets of silverware), reports with reference to the

"The State Museum of Gold and Precious Metals of Kazakhstan was organized in accordance with the Decree of the Government of Kazakhstan "On additional measures to preserve some historical and cultural heritage of the peoples of Kazakhstan" in 1990. In general, the museum is a research and cultural institution; it is the main repository of objects and complexes of the Kazakhs’ jewelry from the era of early nomads and to the ethnographic modernity. At the same time it is a research institution, it consists of the department of Scythian-Saka archeology, the department of history of metal art and the department of the Kazakhs’  arts and crafts", - says the report.

The goods presented in the museum reflect the cultural and community features of the Kazakh people; moreover, they are unique components of the Kazakh national culture. The exhibition runs until 27 January 2014.

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