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Barak khan

Name Barak khan
1423 - 1428 was the khan of White Horde.The son of Kuyrshik khan and grandson of Urys khan. He was one of the most influential khans of that time.

Date of birth is unknown, died in 1428. From 1423 to 1428 was the khan of Ak Orda (White Horde). He was the son of Kuyrshik khan and grandson of Urys khan. Barak khan was one of the most influential Khans of this time. He was one of the leaders of the construction of Sygnak town.

In 15th century, during the collapse of Golden Horde, began by force of descent from Genghis Khan for obtaining the throne,White Horde acquired a number of areas. One of the contenders for the throne was Barak Khan.

In 1416, between governors of Cumania (“Desht and Kipchak”) and Ulugbek’s grandson Timur began fight for land in the lower reaches of the Syrdarya, which lasted for a hundred years. The reason of Ulugbek’s interference was the request of Barak khan to help him. It happened in May 1419 in Samarkand city. Ulugbek decided to help him, showing the hospitality to the Barak khan. Barak khan gradually strengthened his power by defeating all his opponents.  

In 1422, Barak khan conquered most of the territory of the Cumania, having won his main rival Ulugh Muhammad. This territory extended from the lower reaches of the Syrdarya to the Aral Sea, in the north from the Zhaiyk River to the Tobol River, in the north-east to the Irtysh River.

In 1423, Barak khan, after he became the khan, began a policy against Maveranahr (Transoxiana). In 1425, coming very close to the border between the state of Ulugbek and Sygnak, Barak khan demanded the return of ancestral lands of Ak Orda, located alongside with Syrdarya, which were formerly under the patronage of his grandfather – Urys Khan, later conquered by Tamerlane.

In early 1427, the large battle between the troops of Ulugbek and Barak khan happened under the Sygnak. Ulugbek’s troops, being defeated, were driven by Barak Khan to Samarkand. Only in May 1427, as the result of the intervention to the war the Girat’s troops led by Shahruh, Barak khan was forced to return to the Cumania. Sygnak again turned into a horde of descendants Urys khan.

Barak khan died in 1428, during the battle against Mahmudoglan the sultan of Mogulistan. At the same year, Cumania was conquered by Abulkhair khan (1428-1468).

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