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Burunduk Khan

Name Burunduk Khan
Death day 1511
Third Khan of the Kazakh Khanate, the ruler of the Kazakh Khanate presumably in the years 1480-1511, the son of Kerey Khan.

According to the "Tarikh-i-Rashidi" Chipmunk Khan inherited the power of the Kazakh Khanate after his father Kerey Khan. Ruzbikhan in "Mihman Nam-yi Bukhara" writes:

And in Ulus Kazakh sultans claimed the Kazakh government. After a while this rank belonged to several persons, all hanstvovat got Chipmunk Khan.

The sources describing the reign Chipmunk Khan also mentioned the names of several other Kazakh sultans, among which were the most influential son Janibek Khan - Kasim Sultan (wandered around Lake Balkhash and the river Karatal) Zhanish-Sultan (Sultan-Dzhanysh) and his brother tanish-Sultan (Sultan-Tynysh) (roamed the countryside in Kara-Abdal) and son Zhanish-Sultan - Ahmad Sultan (Sultan Ahmet). These sultans led some Kazakh tribes, subject to the supreme Khan.