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Zhanibek Khan

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Name Zhanibek Khan
Kazakh Khan, one of the founders of the Kazakh Khanate and its ruler, presumably, in the years 1474-1480.

Currently, there are two versions of the origin of the first dynasty of the Kazakh khans. On one of them they came out of the house Horde-Edzhena, on the other - they are descendants of the thirteenth son of Jochi Khan - Tuck-Timur. For example, Abu al-Ghazi in his pedigree says: 

In Genghis Khan's son Jochi Khan, his son, Timur Tukai, his son Uz-Timur, his son Hodge, his son Badakul-angle lens, his son Urus Khan, his son Koirchak Khan, his son Barak-Khan, his son of Abu Said, surnamed Jani Beg Khan. It had nine children in this order: Irandzhi, Mahmoud Qasim, followed by ITIC Dzhanish, Kanabar, Tenishev, Usuk, Dzhuak. 

Mahmud ibn Wali in "Bahr al-Asrar" also calls Kerey (Giray) and Janibek descendants Tuka Timur: 

  Some of the descendants of Tukai-Timur Khan, for example Kirei Khan and Jani Beg Khan, the names of the fathers who are mentioned in detail in the list of names khakans place of the fat-Timur, came out of the circle of submission and obedience and chose to leave their homeland.