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The story of one photo. Tulegen Zhaizhumanov

The story of one photo. Tulegen Zhaizhumanov - e-history.kz


Tulegen Zhaizhumanov was born in 1915 in Korgalzhyn District of Akmola Region. After graduation from high school, he entered a technical school majoring in Account. When the Second World War began, Tulegen Zhaizhumanov worked as accountant in the village of Korgalzhyn.

 In 1941, he went to the front and fought in the battle for Leningrad on the front of Patriotic war in 1080 infantry regiment on Volkhovstroy. The only way set Leningrad free was the lake Ladoga. All necessary equipment and food products delivered through it during the war years. 

 17 September 1941, Tulegen Zhaizhumanov was seriously wounded by a mine during the attack of enemy. Despite the consequences after severe injury, he worked as an accountant for 40 years at general store of Kumgul aulsovet. His work was highly appreciated. 


 Tulegen Zhaizhumanov was awarded with the Order of Red Banner, I degree Order of Patriotic War, II degree Order of Patriotic War, Order of Red Star, III degree Order of Glory and with medals «For courage» and «For military merit».