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The story of one photo. Zholdas Aymuratov

The story of one photo. Zholdas Aymuratov - e-history.kz

17 April 2015

Once I saw a very old photo in my grandfather’s album. It was the photo of a man wearing a military uniform. I asked my father: "Who is this man?" He responded that the soldier is his father. I didn’t recognise him because all the photos on the wall in our apartment were taken of him in old age. I asked my father to talk about his parent and his fighting in the Great Patriotic War.


Zholdas Aymuratov, August 1943

My grandfather Zholdas Aymuratov was born in July 1911 in the village of Sokolok, Baksayskiy area, Guriev region in the family of farmers. He studied at the local boarding school and later graduated two grades of the Guriev School. From the early 1930s and to the beginning of the war he worked for newspapers, including the regional newspaper "Sotsialistik Kurlys".

When the Great Patriotic War started my grandfather was sent to the city of Aktyubinsk to take courses of political instructors and workers of front newspapers. Due to the war the courses we accelerated.

In the late 1941 — early 1942 the 101st Independent Infantry Brigade was established in Aktyubinsk. Zholdas Aymuratov served as editor of the brigade newspaper "Otan Ushin" ("For the Motherland") published in Kazakh language.


Before going to the front, August 1942, Aktyubinsk. Aymuratov in the first row, second from right

There is a fragment of the text in my grandfather’s paper award: "Comrade Aymuratov worked as editor of the Otan Ushin newspaper since the establishment of the brigade (December 1941). Through the newspaper, he inspired soldiers and officers to accomplish their tasks. The newspaper edited by Comrade Aymuratov became an assistant for the commanders and credible among military personnel".

There were people with various ethnic backgrounds in the brigade, including the Kazakhs, Russians, Ukrainians and many others. They protected the Motherland despite the tremendous losses. For example, in 1942 the 101st Independent Infantry Brigade lost over 1300 people.

In 1943, my grandfather was appointed the editor of the front newspaper of the First Baltic Front "Zhauga Karsy Attan" ("Moving on the Enemy") in Kazakh language.

In 1945, he was appointed thr editor of the newspaper "Dabyl" ("Alarm") of the Baikal-Amur military district and participated in fighting against Japan.

He returned home in November 1946 at the rank of Major of the Soviet Army. His chest was decorated with medals and orders such as two Orders of the Red Star, Order of the Great Patriotic War of II class, Medals "For the Victory over Germany", "For Koenigsberg seizure", "For Victory over Japan" and others.


Major Aymuratov is congratulated with award — the Order of the Red Star. 20 August 1944, Lithuania

All his life Zholdas Aymuratov worked for the benefit of his country. In 1971, he retired but continued working until 1984. For weighty labour achievements and many years of conscientious work, he was awarded the medal "Retired Worker" and numerous certificates. With his wife Zhumabike, he lived almost fifty years.


Zholdas Aymuratov died in 1993 when he was 82 years old. I wasn’t born yet, but I heard about him from my parents. We have a lot of photos from my grandfather’s album. I often see the pictures and try imagining what kind of person he was.

Many years have passed since the victory in the Great Patriotic War on 9 May 1945. Every day the veterans die. But we mustn’t forget the terrible years when all people who fought against the enemy. Our duty is to preserve the historical memory of the feats of veterans of the Great Patriotic War and workers on the home front. We mustn’t forget those people who made their contribution to this victory. I’d like to believe that there will no wars in future. May all people live in peace, friendship and harmony!

I am proud that my grandfather Zholdas Aymuratov was one of those who protected us and won in that war. His example will help me to become a real citizen of Kazakhstan.

Aymuratova Aysha,
grade 9 student of the Secondary School № 18,
Atyrau, Atyrau region