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The story of one photo. Fyodor Trubitsyn

The story of one photo. Fyodor Trubitsyn - e-history.kz

14 May 2015

Seventy years have passed since Victory in the Great Patriotic War. That day, which will remain in the world history forever, glorified heroism and patience of our people. The years of the Great Patriotic War were extremely difficult for the Soviet nation. Four years, 1418 day, they fought for the future generation. Everyone who turns pages of the war’s history can notice that Kazakhstan contributed significantly to the common Victory.

Kazakhstan people participated in that war which started unexpectedly. There are veterans of the Great Patriotic War in our region. I am proud of them! In February 2015 students and teachers from our school visited all the veterans who live in our area. I was very glad to meet Fyodor Trubitsyn. His story will remain in my heart for a long time. He told us about the war and the great happiness of the Day of Victory.

Fyodor Trubitsyn was born on 22 February 1925 in the village Novodonetsk, Bulandynsky area, Akmola region. He joined the Red Army in April 1942. After the graduation of the courses for junior commanders, he was sent to the front. His first battle occurred on the Kalinin front. On 24 December 2015 Fyodor Trubitsyn was injured. He was treated in a hospital in the city of Ivanovo.

After the recovery, Trubitsyn joined the 145th Regiment. Later as a part of the 11th Army under the command of I. Chernyakhovskogo he was sent to the 49th Infantry Regiment, Military Corps № 552, 3rd Belarusian Front. Then the young man participated in a battle for the liberation of Orsha (Belarus).

Later his military unit moved into Lithuania, crossed the Neman and liberated Kaunas and Vilnius. In Lithuania Fyodor Trubitsyn was hit by shrapnel from a mine. After the treatment in a hospital, he was sent to the artillery reconnaissance unit of the 87th Guardian Artillery Regiment. The veteran fought in Eastern Prussia.

Fyodor realised that all the battles were final and only a few days remained until the Victory. Indeed, the Victory met him not far from Konigsberg.

Trubitsyn’s awards and scars are evidence of his courage and heroism. He was awarded the Order of the Great Patriotic War, I class, medals for heroism, seizure of Konigsberg, victory over Germany, Marshal Zhukov, 60th anniversary of liberation of Ukraine, 65th anniversary of liberation of the Republic of Belarus, and to name but a few.

When the 5th and 11th armies joined their forces the Baltic military district was established. Fyodor Trubitsyn served there until March 1950. Then he worked as a projectionist in Kaliningrad region. Later Fyodor worked for a machine and tractor station in the city of Kaluga and as a tractor driver in the collective farm "Dobrovolsky"... The life changed into peaceful courses.

In 1956, Fyodor Trubitsyn returned to his native region. He worked at the railway station Akkol and later — as a mechanic at a petrol station. For more than 19 years, he worked for Tselinenergo (a company that produced high-voltage electric grids) and after that became an electrical mechanic.

Now Fyodor Trubitsyn is a strong, kind and cheerful pensioner. I wonder how this person could overcome all the difficulties and troubles that he faced.


Victory Parade, 2014

I would like to wish the veteran good health and all the best in his life! The Victory, which was presented to us by our grandfathers, is becoming ever more important. The heroism of Soviet soldiers serves as a model for modern generation. Patriotism is one of those characteristics that must be recognized at all times. I believe that to be a patriot is to know the history.


We meet the veteran

I am a patriot of my country and will never forget its history. The names of those soldiers and officers who sacrificed themselves will remain in our memory forever. I bow my head to veterans who gave us the Victory. We are truly and infinitely thankful to all of them!

Pafengut Joseph,
grade 7 student of the Orphanage № 1,
Akkol, Akmola region