If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Today was founded Ulytau district

Today was founded Ulytau district  - e-history.kz

Here was located the headquarters of Zhoshi khan – elder son of the great Chingiskhan, hence started his expansionist track Batu khan

The territory consists of 122,9 th sq m. The number of people is 15,5 th people. This land is not coincidentally call one of the treasures of Kazakhstan. Here are located over 600 historic monuments. The state significance have the mausoleum Zhoshy khan (XII century), monuments of VIII – XIII centuries Dombaul, mausoleum of Alash khan, settlement Baskamyr, Altynshoky, Khan Hirde (XV century).

To the cultural and historic heritage relate the necropolises of Zhaman, Asanay, mausoleum Borsanay, necropolic Meiram, necropolis of Alash khan, Ali, mausoleum Tpgaybek, Terekty-Aulie, mausoleum Ykylas, mausoleum Rakhmetolla, necropolis Kalmanbay, necropolis Tleubay, Yerden, mausoleum Zhaksylyk, necropolis Kelintam.

Interest to Ulytau does not weaken at the present time. The attendance of the sacred for all Kazakhastani people Ulytau gave to N.A.Nazarbayev food for thought.

“The youth has to know necessarily their history”, said N.A.Nazarbayev after the attendance of Ulytau. Otherwise, the people will be like an orphan, without parents. And Ulytau is as the eternal book pages of which our ancestors wrote on the stone and cliffs even in the bronze century. Turks and kipchaks built the statehood, Kazakhs as worthy descendants of fearful nomadic civilizations, continued the history of descendants. Ulytau – the eyewitness of the fight of Kazakh zhuzs for their land. Here batyrs got bata -  and asserted freedom of Kazakh people in fight with Dzhungar invaders.

Because of that the RGA “National historic and cultural and nature reserve- museum “Ulytau” along with the NGO “Social fund “Uly tagzym” and the department of domestic policy of the akimat of Ulytau district annualy conduct a number of events for the formation of Tourist cluster in Ulytau district.

It is the development and organization of tourist routes, the conduct of workshops on the arrangement of guest houses and making of the souvenirs, participation in international tourist exhibitions, creation of the conditions for the reception of the resting, conduct of the ethno festivals. Traditional were the organization of the ethnic camp on the learning of the Kazakh language, tourist convention of the youth of oblast, conduct of the press tours for the journalists, ethnic festival “Terisakkan spring”.

Unique natural landscape and rich historical and cultural heritage is necessary to use for development of the tourist infrastructure in the region.


Translated by Malika MURSALIM