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The Kazakh state has survived because of Ulytau

The Kazakh state has survived because of Ulytau - e-history.kz

1 April 2015

The Kazakh state has survived because of Ulytau. That was stated today by the Deputy Director for Research of the Kazakhstan National Geographical Society Saulrt Sakenov during the consideration of the report of geographers on their multipurpose expedition to the place called Ulytau.

From 11 to 22 August, 2014 the expedition of the Kazakhstan National Geographical Society worked in Ulytau. The main purposes of the scientific expedition were introduction to the history of the region, promotion of Ulytau — the cradle of Kazakh ethnos, enhancing the tourist potential of the region and promotion of the idea to study Kazakhstan’s historical heritage.


"We have developed tourist routes to visit Ulytau’s landmarks. These attractions have historical and cultural significance. That is the place where the grave of Zhoshi Khan (in Russian information space he is better known as Dzhuchi Khan) and Alasha Khan who is believed to be a descendant of Zhanibek and Kerey — the founders of the Kazakh Khanate. There is also the grave of Dombaul who was the supporter of Zhoshi Khan. We have marked these attractions on the map and identified the major roads to them as GPS-tracks. Ahead of the celebration of the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Statehood this information is very important", — Saulet Sakenov noted.

According to his point of view, in the past Ulytau was the centre of attraction of Kazakh people. Therefore, most historical monuments are situated near this sacral place.


"Nowadays the road between the cities of Almaty and Astana attracts many Kazakhstan people. At that time, the road between Turkestan and Ulytau was the centre of Kazakhstan. Thus, all historical monuments in our country are located along this route", — the Deputy Director for Research of the Kazakhstan National Geographical Society underlined.

According to the researcher, Ulytau’s significance for Kazakh people cannot be overemphasised both in cultural and historical-political meanings.




"Given that we will celebrate the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Statehood we have to realise that Ulytau is the centre of Kazakh ethnos as it was the place where all nomads met. At that moment, our language was enriched. At the period of Dzhunghar invasion, Kazak people were surrounded in that place. From here our nation started its liberation movement. This was the place where two major battles occurred. So we can say, that the Kazakh state has survived because of Ulytau", — Saulet Sakenov summarised.


As the result of the expedition to Ulytau, researchers brought video material which will be used for production of a documentary film about the place.