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Takeshi Toyoda: The exhibition shows realistic experience

Takeshi Toyoda: The exhibition shows realistic experience - e-history.kz
“Arkhipelag Karlag” exhibition dedicated to Political Repression Victims’ Commemoration Day was held at National Museum.

 Takeshi Toyoda, Defense Attaché:

 One of the most important and impressive thing about war prisoners’ camp is that ten Japanese war prisoners were arrested. They worked hard and many of them died here. I emphasize with those who were judged as political prisoners. I think that people who had experienced such part of history were heard. Everything we do here is for memory, to show our children what happened, make an effort to respect human. I hope we will never do it again. 

 This exhibition shows very realistic experience of that time. It is a good measure for our children to learn a part of world history. I have very positive impressions on this exhibition. 

 We also had the same experience in our country. There are TV-programs about war prisoners in Russia and Kazakhstan, they show people that negative part of history.