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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Presentation of the work “Kazaktyn otty karularynyn tarikhy”

Presentation of the work “Kazaktyn otty karularynyn tarikhy” - e-history.kz
25 May 2016 in the National museum RK is held the presentation of Kaliolla Samatuly Akhmetzhan “Kazaktyn otty karularynyn tarikhy”.
The book of only one qualified specialist being engaged for many years with the study of traditional types of weapons of Kazakh people, Kaliolla Samatuly Akhmetzhan «Kazaktyn otty karularynyn tarikhy» is dedicated to the research of the ways of distribution, application and improvement of fire weapons in Kazakh history. 
In the given work was first studied the time of application of fire weapons on original Kazakh lands, introduced the types of Kazakh fire weapon, kinds and samples of mechanisms and tools necessary for such weapons. In the book are shown various ways of shooting from the rifle, tactics of the conduct of fight and use of the rifle in the process of fight, also methods of defense form rifle shots. 
It is the first book of scientific-research institute engaged with the study of cultural heritage of Kazakh people, «Khalyk kazynasy» of the National museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan published in the «Kazyna» series. 
The main aim of preparation and edition of the series edition is the collection, scientific analysis and introduction into scientific use the fresh materials on ancient and medieval history of Kazakhs. 
Within the project in 2016-2018 is planned the publication of 20 books connected with cultural heritage of Kazakh people.