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“Nauryz – zhyl basy” round table

“Nauryz – zhyl basy” round table - e-history.kz
“Nauryz – zhyl basy” round table was held in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Participant of the event — Ph.D, Garofilla Esim emphasized an important role of the holiday Nauryz in the people’s life in his speech and said that it should be celebrated at the national level. 


-Nauryz is a great holiday, it is people’s holiday and it is closely associated with the culture of Kazakh people. I suggest to all people give each other tulips from the beginning of the month and may it become a good tradition. It would be nice for schoolchildren especially, if they have their spring holidays from March 14 to 24, then Nauryz will really be a major event. We usually celebrate holidays of other nations on a large scale. When it comes to our holidays we do not take an active part in it. If our society supports these new initiatives, Nauryz will be celebrated at the national level,-said G.Esim. 


 Chairman of Azerbaijan Cultural Association Vidadi Salakhov noted, that active works are held on Nauryz celebration in Kazakhstan. 

 -Nauryz is widely celebrated in the countries of Central Asia, including the Republic of Azerbaijan. In the Soviet period this holiday was celebrated by people as «Spring Festival». I noticed that Kazakh people also celebrated this holiday fondly. They invite guests, organize national games and cook «Nauryz kozhe». So I am glad that this wonderful holiday is present in our lives for centuries, — said V.Salakhov. 


 It was greed to send all suggestions that were discussed at the event to send to the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan.