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Mushel zhas

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In the Kazakh language the cycle of the 12-year period is called “mushel”.

In ancient times the age was defined by cycles. The cycle is formed every 12 years. In Kazakh the cycle is called “mushel”. By the designation of the age by cycles one should take into consideration one peculiarity. When a child turns the age of 13 years old, it is one “mushel”, that is the first cycle ends. Further, to each cycle 12 years are added. 

Thus, the first age “mushel” starts at the age of 13. The second one – 25 years, the third one – 37, the fourth one – 49, the fifth one – 61, the sixth one- 73, the seventh one – 85, the eighth – 97. 

Among people there is a legend on the chronology. 

In ancient times one of Turkic kagans decided to master the tactics of one great battle, which occurred a few years ago. But he could not precisely define in what year it happened. Then he addressed to his people: 

- If we confused in the date specification of historical events, then what to say about our descendants? They will become confused even more! It is needy to give the name to each year. And let it be the tradition and be transferred to our descendants. 

People agreed with such a decision. The kagan ordered to set near the river Ili nets and race all the wild animals to the river. Not all the animals managed to cross the river. Only 12 went out from the water safe. The very first one was a mouse. That is why the first year of twelve-year cycle was called the year of mouse. Later, from the river went out a cow, then a panther, hare, snail, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, hen, dog and pig. Thus, all of these 12 years were called with the names of these animals. 

“Mushel” (age) plays an important role in human life. In the first cycle the transition of a child into the adolescent age. At that time boys have the voice changed, bones strengthened, girls are becoming more womanish. Among people this age is called the age of the revival of consciousness. “At the age of thirteen – the master of the hearth”. Children are started being taught to the adult family life. 

Akyn Aktamberdy said about the adolescent age

At 15 my skeleton will strengthen, 

I will open life doors, 

Man’s way I will choose. 

No enemy will be able 

To beat me in the battle. 

Almazhan Azamatkyzy realized that the childhood ended: 

I will braid my plaits 

Silken hair. 

I am 14 now, 

I grew up, believe. 

25 years 

It is the age of a real dzhigit. It is the time of physical and spiritual powers, time of flourishing youth. 

If Yusup Balasaguni praises this age: 

Oh, a limitlessly generous gift, happy time, 

Oh, the most pleasant time – youth years! 

Abay adds: 

The stubborn time for youth 

Chooses the difficult ways,

And Shal-akyn ends: 

25 years will not return, fervent years,

As if the mountainous cliff lost its power.

37 years

The age of festivity of the mind and sound sense. It is the time when a person knows clearly where the good and where the bad are. 

Great poets characterize this time in such a way: 

40 years will come, 

Farewell to the dzhigit time… 


A lonely horse and empty saddle 

– Then 40 years ran out… 


Shal-akyn summarizes: 

40 years – not a young age, I lived through a lot 

The fire of passion in the breast I hardly extinguished. 

49 years 

The time when the age shows itself, but the old age is still not recognized. In this age thoughts and mind are at the rise. 

If Bukhar-zhyrau said: 

I walked through 50 years, 

I overcame the huge period,

Shal-akyn characterized the age so:

The enormous term is measured – 50, 

Measured a lot to get to know about life. 

But if 20 years returned themselves back, 

But if only to the youth could be repeated again. 

61 years 

The aging time when wisdom comes and at the previous one they start looking more critically. 

Bukhar-zhyrau confessed: 

60 years are filled with the grievous thoughts. 

Shal-akyn started so: 

At the age of 60 all of a sudden 

Such cold days started,

And finished: 

60 – the luxury of lived through years In what was earned what we have and what we do not. 

73 years 

The age of recognition of the old age. In this age the body starts bending, legs start moving more slowly. 

Y.Balasaguni said about that age: 

This age is in people’s tears, 

It will quit the sparkle in your eyes. 

It, by making joyful, will shoot the eye right away 

And will turn back, only will present happiness for a moment. 

And Shal-akyn sighed: 

I am 70 – I am like charmed, 

And fastened with the strong stick to the land. 

85 years

At this age the dream, day schedule start to be demolished. People at this age lead not hasty, moderate way of life, be easily hurt. 

At 80 you can see with your own eyes 

The black fog at black night. 


At 80 you become not easily got up, 

Nothing becomes surprising, there is no joy. 


97 years

The time when body becomes old, and mind becomes marasmic. Not everyone has the chance to live till such an age. However, with the help of Allah, let us live till such years. 

90 – the mass of the last years, 

And bones –are more ancient than fragile chalk, 

And old age – it is weaker than a lamb. 


Spring and summer – and autumn are not far, 

95 alike – and there is 100. 

And as after autumn – the severe winter, 

And the ice frosted into soul – and there is no warmth. 

Madeli Zhusipkozhauly. 

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