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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Independence in the eyes of foreigners

Independence in the eyes of foreigners - e-history.kz
Foreign guests shared with their impressions of a rising Astana, the country in general and congratulated the people of Kazakhstan at the Palace of Independence.
Alain Gaudry, Business Development Director, East Europe, SYSTRA 

- Honestly, when I arrived for the first time in 2001, I came to Astana at the moment of its development. So, if I compare the city 14 years ago and now, of course, it is not the same city. I am always impressed by these buildings, by the energy and how fast the things are moving. It takes 20-25 years to reach such level for some cities. I am very impressed. 

- And regrading upcoming events — First President’s Day and Independence Day of Kazakhstan it will be a quick message! Go forward! Take good decisions and find good projects for the future of Astana. 

Andrea Baiguini, Export Manager, IRRIMEC s. r. l. 

- You could see nothing 18 years ago if you come there. Now there is a modern city and it is really amazing! I was really impressed. 

- I wish you all the best! I hope to be back and I believe everything will be fine. I wish you to continue like this! 

Courtney Fingar, Editor-in-Chief, fDi Magazine, Head of Content, fDi Intelligence 

- It is my second visit to Astana, I was here in summer as well. I’ve come to Astana for some time, because first of all, it is a little bit undiscovered by us, it is an important investment, so I had a chance and explored the ground. So I came this summer to prepare a special report and video about the investment in Astana, so I learned about it a lot. I was really interested in this city, because it experiences a rapid growth and it is also exciting for the city, a lot of big developments and excitement of upcoming EXPO-2017. 

- Congratulations on both holidays First President’s Day and Independence Day! Best wishes for the prosperity of the country! 

Dr. Martin Both, Business Director Transportation & Traffic, Dornier Consulting -I am here for the second time. I was there before on the occasion of Economic Forum.

 - I was really impressed by the country. In such a short period of time, a capital has rapidly developed in terms of infrastructure and economic activity. 

 — Your President Nursultan Nazarbayev is the one, who initiates both ideas, visions and frameworks for implementation in the economic direction I was impressed by this example. 

- I wish the country and citizens to continue this path of development. I think it is important to establish relations on external basis, which is the ground to know each other for better friendship and also long-lasting contact. 

Franco Gazotti (Italy)

Associate partner at Clickutility Team srl

Indeed it is my fourth visit to Kazakhstan, the first one was in May. Kazakhstan is a new country for  me. A new country with real desire to increase, to improve their work, to improve their life. It is a great occasion for me to work outside Italy. People are very good here.

I congratulate the people of Kazakhstan on the Day of the First President and Independence Day of Kazakhstan and I wish people to work and develop themselves, their personality and the country!