If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Kazakhstan Independence as viewed by foreigners

Kazakhstan Independence as viewed by foreigners - e-history.kz
More foreign guests and almost residents of Kazakhstan among whom are the activists in the economic and educational spheres delivered the speech on the First President’s Day and Independence Day in RK

Maximilian Foedinger(Austria)

Key expert II, "Civil Service Reform and Modernisation of the Government of Kazakhstan" (CSR)

— I have already been in Kazakhstan for the third year. It would be a real pity when I have to leave this place because Kazakhstan became one of my most favorite countries in the world. It is amazing, Astana was a small provincial town and now it is like Central Asian Las Vegas if you look at its all delights. There are a lot of buildings, infrastructure is developed, the city is changing permanently. If you look at the economic figures, I am an economist by profession, even in the crisis rate you have the higher gross than Europe, this is something that should make you think. And if you are not changing the way you are doing some things in 20 years you can probably say you are the experts to show us Europeans what we should do to be prosperous. Your progress is tremendous: according to statistics and after the Soviet Union and you were one of the poorest countries in the region and now you are one of the richest country in the region. When looking at cities, you have new flats, you have almost no crime, you have stability, you can buy almost everything, no one is begging in the streets, and in my opinion this is success! Once your President should live another 100 years and on the Independence Day celebrate it and do not forget your neighbors! Everyone needs peace, happiness and health, I wish you it! Kazakhstan has everything for that. Peace, friendship and further prosperity! 

Jasmine Stedman (UK, England) 

Country Development Manager, Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing (ARM), University of East Anglia

 — This was my first time to Kazakhstan as I have recently joined UEA, but UEA have visited many times previously and I am very happy and excited for this great opportunity to visit Kazakhstan. It is a great opportunity to see the country and further my knowledge in the region. My general impressions of Kazakhstan is that it is a really beautiful county, with warm and friendly people and great food! I am aware of Boloshak and think it is a great opportunity for people to study overseas. I hope everyone enjoys the national holidays on the 1st and 16th of December! 

David Stoll (UK, Scotland)

International Officer (Central Asia, Europe, Middle East), University of Aberdeen

— This was my third visit. My first visit was in October 2014, so I have noticed any major changes. I always enjoy my visits to Kazakhstan and look forward to the next one. The people are very welcoming here. I knew very few details about Kazakhstan before my first visit. Regarding the December nationaI holidays I wish Kazakhstan and its citizens a lot of success and prosperity!