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The hearty wishes of Foreign Ambassadors and Counsellors on December national holidays

The hearty wishes of Foreign Ambassadors and Counsellors on December national holidays - e-history.kz
High-ranking foreign officials from the Embassies gave the interview due to the upcoming events in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
27 November, 2015 the International Congress of Reading dedicated to the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Reading Nation — Future of Great Steppe” was held in the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The foreign ambassadors and counsellors invited for this event were asked the questions about their general impressions of Kazakhstan, the capital Astana, the changes they have noticed while being in the country, the contribution of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev into the relations between Kazakhstan and their countries, and, of course, they congratulated the whole Kazakhstan on the First President Day and Independence Day. 

Ilkka Räisänen, Ambassador of Finland to Kazakhstan 

- I am here for two years now. I have noticed big changes in Astana, and the most astonishing evet EXPO And as I came from Finland — the country of ice hockey I have seen the ice hockey hall I also visited the hockey match but unfortunately the Finns lost. The President of Kazakhstan is doing many things not only in the bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and Finland but also with Europe We are very thankful he is providing peace and stability in the whole region and reflecting in people’s minds and inspiring the young generation, for instance, Bolashak program. We cherish and appreciate such support. And I wish many years of prosperity health and happiness to the President and the people of Kazakhstan! 

Haitham Salah Kamel, Ambassador of Egypt to Kazakhstan

 - I have been in Kazakhstan for one year. This country is very developed and civilized. The contribution is very strong and a lot of efforts were put in promotion of relations of two countries. The upcoming national holidays are precious for the people of Egypt and we are always so keen to send congratulations on these events and as much as possible to promote relations between Kazakhstan and Egypt! 

Masoud Sheikh Zeineddin, Counsellor at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran

 - I have been in Kazakhstan for the first time two months ago. I impressed with what I saw It went beyond my expectations. The minor minus is the traffic problem but the city of Astana is rather beautiful! I have got a very good attitude to the President and a sure that the future of this country is bright! I believe that the cooperation between Kazakhstan and Iran will be stronger. Recently the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan was in Iran and I think that it served the next step in the strengthening of the relations between two countries! I congratulate on these holidays all the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan and wish the country to keep on improvement and take a special position in the development of peace and relations and wish your country peace and to live with neighboring countries also in peace!

Guillaume Kasperski, Counsellor for Culture and Cooperation, Embassy of France in Kazakhstan

- I have positive impressions of Kazakhstan and Astana. I have been living here for two months and I discover city making. I am interested in a capital, in a new city. The history of the city is also important for me, the first place that I visited in Astana was an exhibition of books and I was very pleased to see some connections with France there. The contribution made by Nursultan Nazarbayev into strengthening relations between Kazakhstan and France is huge. He initiated the First Kazakhstan Cultural season in France. That led to focus of French public on Kazakhstan, its culture and history. We congratulate people of Kazakhstan on these important events. We wish the best for culture of Kazakhstan!