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The anniversary retrospective exhibition is opened in the National museum of RK

The anniversary retrospective exhibition is opened in the National museum of RK - e-history.kz
The exhibition which introduce young people of Kazakhstan to the art and history, due to it they nurture creativity of international standard in themselves.

The National museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the frame of the project «World culture and contemporary art» opened an anniversary retrospective exhibition of the honored artist of Russia Vyacheslav Mikhailov. The maître celebrated the 70th anniversary. There are 90 fine art and graphic paintings of the artist in the exhibition, created in different years and different techniques.


 -It is not just an exhibition, it is a retrospective exhibition, devoted to the anniversary of the artist. If you look attentively, you will notice that the exhibition is classified into three sections: abstract works, cycle of 20 graphic portraits and interpretation of mythological and biblical scenes. You can see his thoughts, attitude and view on the certain things and phenomena in the life. He has collected «an images gallery» during his life, which he showed in his works, he covered 20 faces of Russian figures of culture and policy and also the face of our President — Nazarbayev N.A. in the second cycle. These portraits are not cabinet ones, but informal. He shows the image of each person finely and if you look at the portrait of Nursultan Abishevich, you can see the face of kind, wise, strong-willed person, who has achieved a lot, he is a father, a grandfather, a husband and a friend too. These exhibitions introduce young people to the art and history, everyone see something different in it. These exhibitions are of great importance in cultural education of our youth, because a large number of students, pupils and other young people visit it. When students see these paintings, they come to learn the art to us, they make their first steps in this field, thereby interacting with the world art taking food for reflection. Our young people nurture creativity of the international standard. This exhibition will last until October , - said Abenova Roza- head of the center of contemporary art of the National museum of RK. 


-I am very glad to congratulate Kazakh people with such a great holiday as the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh khanate and I am extremely glad that my exhibition coincided with this holiday. The art unites people, it is the only reliable and powerful factor to unite people. Today I am 70 and I wanted to show in this exhibition what I have been doing last years. Concerning the images, I did not make a principled selection, there are different people. I have chosen Putin, because I knew him when he was not such a great politician, Nursultan Nazarbayev always was pleasant for me, his face is positive and monumental. The face is a soul and you cannot avoid it — said Mikhailov Vyacheslav — an honorary artist of Russia.


 Vyacheslav Mikhailov is one of the most famous and prominent representatives of St. Petersburg artists of the older generation, his works are on the peak of development according to one of the critics. He is an honorary artist of Russia, a member of Union of artists of Russia, a member of the National Association of artists in Italy «ITALART». The works included in the exposition of the exhibition demonstrate the strength of academism and unique developments of letter techniques based on fiberboard, gesso and sand. 


Mikhailov reads and redefines inducements of classic works of last periods on his own. The artist gives a particular preference to the masterpiece of Renaissance and Baroque. The exhibition includes reminiscences of the famous storylines — «Lord’s supper», «The Incredulity of Saint Thomas» (Caravaggio), «Cain and Abel», «Saint George». There are the works from the series «Florentine themes», where the artist expresses the love to this city. The great artists and poets — Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Petrarch and et cetera lived and worked there. Mikhailov writes: «There is a warm red color as a symbol of beauty in all of my paintings». 


Mikhailov his high skills in the graphic works, keeping the spiritual and intellectual content of the painting, giving a literary and symbolic meaning to the work. The graphics for Vyacheslav Mikhailov is his diary, creative laboratory and anthology of his world. The exhibition presents 20 graphic paintings by Mikhailov from the series of «The Faces»; there are the faces of the President of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev, the President of Russia V.V.Putin, film-director Valery Priyemykhov, writer Andrey Platonov, artist Anatoly Belkin and other famous people. The artist creates the faces not from the nature, but «through the nature», basing on the subconscious impressions and rationalistic options.

 Mikhailov is a participant of more than 200 exhibitions, including 61 personals exhibitions in Russia and abroad. The artist’s works are presented in major museums such as State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian museum, the museums of Ukraine, the USA, China, Finland and Estonia and in numerous private collections.