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The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan: keeping up with the times

The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan: keeping up with the times - e-history.kz
The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan launches audio tours, QR codes, and electronic tickets



The Online Ticket service allows everybody to purchase an electronic ticket to the National Museum through Internet.



Modern gadgets — a tablet computer or smartphone — will give all visitors an opportunity to obtain any information about the exhibits independently. To this it is necessary to scan a QR code, placed near each exposition, with a special tool (reader) installed on your smartphone or tablet computer.



The National Museum has also launched audio tours. The audio guide is a system providing a recorded spoken commentary and information about each exhibit through a handheld device. It’s noteworthy that the audio tour will cost KZT 500 more than excursion with a real guide. The thing is that a real guide spends with a visitor only one hour while the audio guide may be used until the Museum closes.


"We have decided to launch the Online Ticket service to guarantee that in every city people can plan their visit to the Museum, purchase tickets and choose the hall that he needs. It is very useful for our visitors as most of them don’t know our daily schedule and other details, and using our online service everyone can obtain up-to-date information about the National Museum. The service is simple to use and available to the public. The QR codes system also makes the visit to our Museum more comfortable. Moreover, from now on we have the audio tours for those who don’t want to be accompanied by the Museum guide. I’d like to note that the audio tours are available in three languages, but we plan to add other languages as well. The system is a real assistance to our guides as very often we have lots of visitors and we cannot service all of them physically," said Rosa Kadysova, the Scientific Secretary of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


"These information technologies are aimed at the promoting of our Museum. At the same time, they are a timely response to modern tendencies. The same technologies are used abroad, but in Kazakhstan the National Museum is the first institution to adopt them. Moreover, the innovations attract young people. We have celebrated the first birthday of the Museum. We have conducted a great number of events, and today we are intended to organise the work in accordance with international standards. It is related not only to the technical support but the expositions and collection of the Museum as well. Everything should be consistent with our enormous and beautiful building. The innovations adopted at the Museum are not the first and the last step towards the development," said Darkhan Kamzabekuly, the Director of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan.