If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

History through the eyes of tourist: “Golden man” – as the symbol of historical culture

History through the eyes of tourist: “Golden man” – as the symbol of historical culture  - e-history.kz
Edi Azulay: Kazakhs have an amazing history

Edi Azulay is the citizen of Israel. He gave to our portal exclusive interview sharing his first impression of arrival to Kazakhstan and told about the historical knowledge and mechanisms of development of tourism.

— Edi Azulay, please tell us about your first impression about Kazakhstan?

— On this trip I combined both business and pleasure. I arrived to Kazakhstan concerning investment business, but I get acquainted with historical places of the city. Indeed, I liked the city form the first moment. Residents of Astana are open and friendly. I felt that I know this city for a long time and close to my heart. 

— Did you managed to know about historical facts of Kazakhstan previously unknown to you?

— To know the history of the country and its spiritual and material values, first of all it necessary to visit the museum. In the morning after arrival I managed to visit the National Museum. Many historical facts really surprised me and gave me spiritual power. The history of Kazakhstan is interesting with it versatility. I immediately decided to myself that I will study it. 

— Please, tell us more in details about those moments of our history which impressed you. 

— Of course, there are a lot of such moments. For example, when I saw the “Golden Man”, I was extremely surprised. Household items and jewelry made of gold determine that ancestors of Kazakhs were very skillful, strong and had noble origin. The “Golden Man” is a confirmation of that your ancestors were very brave warriors. Jewelry and products dated by the period from Stone to Iron Age show that the ancient people living here made significant steps towards civilization. Ancient people in the structure of different tribes could establish geopolitical ties. For me it is really interesting facts.


— What can you say about touristic potential of Kazakhstan? 

— Kazakhstan has high potential in the sphere of tourism and it can be seen immediately, but the only thing that you should strengthen your advertising. Today, I only learnt small part of Kazakhstan, however, even this information was enough to bring group of tourists from Israel. At the same time, we are interested in lifestyle of Jews and their attitude to synagogue. Moreover, remarkable nature of Kazakhstan is especially attractive to tourists. With good advertising it will be impetus for intensive development of tourism.

— Thank you for time and interesting conversation!