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The premiere of the film "Amanat"

The premiere of the film "Amanat" - e-history.kz
On May 31 the display of the movie "Amanat" of the director Satybalda Narymbetov took place. The picture is devoted to Day of memory of the Victims of Political Repression.

This year is 100th anniversary of Yermukhan Bekmakhanov — the first professional historian among the Kazakhstan scientists, the doctor of historical sciences and professor was executed. The basis of the movie was formed by events of the 20th century which became the difficult period for Kazakhs.

The movie brought different feelings to the audience. It made them sad with the main character and at the same time to admire him... Certainly, the director showed great skills.


Berik Aytzhanov as Yermukhan Bekmakhanov

The period of 1946, when the third wave of repression began, is shown through the image of Yermakhan Bekmakhanov. At that time Kazakh intellectuals again underwent prosecutions, persecutions, court and penal servitude.

Yermukhan Bekmakhanov wrote the doctoral dissertation — "Kazakhstan in 20-40 years of 19th century". The work caused intense discussion. 5 times were held meeting at which this book was discussed. Each of them lasted some days. Opinions were divided in two parts.

Someone said that Kenesary khan’s revolt was not national at all, and his actions were subordinated to personal interests. Others said that the thesis is based on truthful facts of historical documents and it actually expressed thoughts and expectations of all people.


Sanzhar Madiyev as Kenesary khan

"Kazakhstan in 20s-40s of 19th century" caused criticism of T. Shoynbayev, H. Aydarova, M. Akynzhanov, A. Nurkanov, S. Amanzholov, V. Shahmatov, S. Pokrovsky, B. Suleymenov and others.

Yermukhan Bekmakhanov got support from I. Budovnits, A. Nusupbekov, N. Adlgireev, A. Zhirenshin, B. Aspandiyarov and Y. Dilmukhamedov. A. Tursynbayev and T. Eleuov had neutral position.
All these discussions were shown in the movie.

In the movies there is a character Safar — honored teacher, who first signed application written on him.

This episode is metaphoric. Such situation was in Yermukhan Bekmakhanov’s life. He had to work as an ordinary teacher of history at high school of the Novotroits village of Chu area.
Before imprisonment, Y. Bekmakhanov managed to give the work to Akhmetzhan who together with him worked at school. Akhmetzhan preserved his work. After Bekmakhanov was unbound, he gave work to the historian. Y. Bekhmahanov shed tears when he received his work back.

Subsequently the writer M. Sarseken in his book — "The unrestrained historian" emphasized on this event from Ermukhan Bekmakhanov’s life.


The shot from the movie "Amanat"

The work given to Akhmetzhan for storage is amanat (deposit). Kazakh people explain the word "amanat" by following: each thing has to be on the place. At the same time the person needs to hold the corresponding position, worthy this work. Besides, amanat is considered also accomplishment of obligations by the person of the taken them...

In addition, during the whole movie there are moments where shown teenager with his young sister. They appear on the screen at the moment when Kenesary khan’s destiny was decided. These images is special "symbol of amanat" used by the author of the movie.

The director of the movie tries not to tell about small episodes and focuses viewer’s attention on important events. He wanted to show Kenesary’s dream... The most important, Satybaldy Narymbetov wanted emphasize the key part of the movie is Kenesary’s dream which is Freedom.

The continuity is shown in the movie: Kenesary — Alash — Bekmakhanov — Duman Ramazan (the researcher of history of Kenesary).

The movie "Amanat" covers also the period of acquaintance of Yermukhan Bekmakhanov with Halima, from that moment when they met and 20 years later.

Halima Adambekovna’s role was played by the actress Karlygash Mukhamedzhanova, Yermukhan Bekmakhanov — Berik Aytzhanov, Kenesary — Sanzhar Madiyed and the investigator — Aziz Beyshenaliyev.