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“Sign of high recognition” exhibition

“Sign of high recognition” exhibition  - e-history.kz
On June 8, 2015 opening of exhibition of “collection of public awards of the First President of Kazakhstan” will take place.

On June 8, 2015 at 05.00 pm at the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan opening of the exhibition of a collection of public awards of the First President of Kazakhstan — the Leader of the Nation "Signs of high recognition" will take place.

Visitors for the first time will have a chance to see more than 200 public awards of the President among which: "First international award of the world", "Investment Angel" Award, "Person of the Year" international award, etc.

In the international arena Kazakhstan’s activity aimed at the development of good-neighborhood and cooperation, found its wide support from international community and deep respect for people and leader of the country. At different times the President of Kazakhstan had been honored him with the highest state awards and different international organizations appreciated his contribution. 

Collection of public awards is various: orders, medals, honored and memorable signs, certificates and diplomas. Public award of the President are: assessment of policy of the President of Kazakhstan for outstanding merits in formation and development of sovereign Kazakhstan. 

In the hall there are awards from European, Muslim and Asian countries. For example, Italian award "Cavalier of Big Cross", Order of St. Andrew the Apostle founded by Peter I (after restoration of an award in 1998 only three person possess it: D. Likhachev, designer M. Kalashnikov and N. Nazarbayev). For a contribution to ensuring nuclear safety in the world the President was awarded by the Big Cross of the Award of Saint Mikhail and Saint George.



The aim of the exhibition is to show the role of the First President of Independent Kazakhstan                   N. Nazarbayev in the formation of new Kazakhstan’s statehood and open in many spheres community. The exhibition consists of thematic sections where shown awards in the sphere of interstate cooperation and integration; awards in the sphere of public administration and economy; awards in the sphere of safety; awards in the sphere of international and interfaith consent; awards in education, science and health care; awards in the sphere of culture; awards in the of sport and tourism. 

The exhibition "Signs of high recognition" will last till August 17th at the Museum of First President of Kazakhstan which locates in the capital of the country the city of Astana, 11 Beybitshilik Street.

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