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“I only regret that I couldn’t visit you”

“I only regret that I couldn’t visit you” - e-history.kz
Descendants of veteran of the Great Patriotic War Dyusenbai Alzhanov sent a letter to our editorial office

Dyusenbai Alzhanov’s relatives asked our web site to publish letters that he sent to his family from the frontline.

We don’t know much about the veteran. Dyusenbai Alzhanov was born in 1922 in the city of Petropavlovsk. He joined the Red Army in 1941. Dyusenbai was a commander of a regiment of the 397th Infantry Division. He was killed in 1945 in Pomerania (Germany). Buried in the same place.

When reading letters of soldiers you understand what they felt being so far from their native lands and not knowing their future.

Most letters of Dyusenbai Alzhanov to his relatives express his homesick. The lines are full of love to his mother. In his letters, Dyusenbai always asked about his family’s life and wished his relatives health.

Dyusenbai Alzhanov sent more than 100 letters from the front. We can’t publish all of them and present you only the seven chosen by our journalists.


Letter 1

Dear Mom, Kulsum, Kolai, Fauziya, I’m sending warm greetings from Yeslyam and Dyusen. I’m alive and in good health. Our training course has been shortened; we will finish it on August 15. There is no rest. We pass exams every day and night. Do not send me letters from August 5. I will not receive them. If we move, I will inform you. That would be great to return to our native region. I have sent a letter to Almaty. There is no answer. Whatever happens, everything is predetermined by God. My life is not more important than the other lives. I only regret that I couldn’t visit you. And couldn’t participate in your education. When I saw you last you were very little. But the most important is that I couldn’t make my mother happy. My whole life has passed in grief. What can I do, I have surrender into God’s hands, may He help me. Goodbye. Warm regards to our neighbours. Your son, Dyusen.

15 July

Letter 2

Dear Mom, Kulsum, Kolai, Fauziya, missing you I’m sending warm greetings from Yeslyam and Dyusen. How are you getting on? If you ask about me, I’m 120 km away from the city of Kalinin. There are three Kazakh guys with me (they are from Kyzylzhar), the others are Russians. The place where our unit deployed is very bad — swamp and trees. We are alive and safe. We have a good food supply. Nothing can be bought for money and I sent you 500 roubles back. If I need money, the wage of 200 roubles is enough. I have written to the father. Goodbye. Dyusen.

15 May 1942

Letter 3

Dear Mom, Kulsum, Kolai, Fauziya, I’m sending you warm greetings from Yeslyam and Dyusen (Dyusenbai — Ed.). If you ask about us, we are alive and safe, we are moving toward Moscow. I’m sending this letter from the station Shadrin. Give my best regards to the whole family. Send my warmest greetings to Saken, Nursipa and Rizap. Bring greetings to Bilyal’s family and Saken’s relatives. Send my regards to the families of Oseken and Khamza. I will send the next letter from Sverdlovsk. Goodbye. Dyusen.

17 May 1942

Letter 4

Dear Mom! Missing you, your son Dyusen is sending warm greetings. My dear Kulsum, Kolai, Fauziya except my warmest regards. I am very happy to receive your letter today. If you ask about me, I remain alive and safe. The life here is good. Do not write me letters for a while. My great joy is to look at my mother’s picture from time to time. I sent you some money — 250 and 150 roubles. Did you get them? You asked me to send my photo. But I don’t have it. Probably, I shall go to the city and take a photo there. Recently I received a letter from father. He is in good health and got the money I had sent him. But he can’t have more than 100 roubles. And I sent him 1150 roubles. What more can I write? Goodbye. Your son, Dyusen. Bring my warm regards to our neighbours.

3 January 1943

Letter 5

Dear Mom, Kulsum, Kolai, Fauziya, I’m sending warm greetings from Yeslyam and Dyusen. I’m on the frontline and in good health. But the war is going on. My fellow soldiers are dying. Injured people are suffering... I do not know what will be in future. It is hard to survive. Using the short break, I’m writing this letter. Don’t wary about me and take care about yourselves. I will pass my way predetermined by God. There is no opportunity to break the German encirclement. If we destroy the Germans until the holiday, it will be possible to say that I will survive. I’m fighting in the German territory. I have sent you 500 roubles. Goodbye, my dear. Mom, don’t worry about me.

28 October 1944

Letter 6

Dear Mom, Kulsum, Kolai, Fauziya, I’m sending warm greetings from Yeslyam and Dyusen. If you ask about me, I am in a hospital of Arkhangelsk. I was sent to this place because of shrapnel in my lower back. It hurts and I can’t walk. The surgery will be undergone in 2-3 days. I will spend here around 15-20 days. You can send me letters to the previous address. I have sent your letters. The snow hasn’t molten. The food is expensive and clothes — cheap. Since the arrival, I haven’t seen a single Kazakh here... Goodbye. Best regards to our neighbours. Your son, Dyusen.

Unknown date

Letter 7

Dear Mom, Kulsum, Kolai, Fauziya, I’m sending warm greetings from Yeslyam and Dyusen. . If you ask about me, I am alive and safe and moving to the front again. I’m writing this letter in Yaroslavl. If I survive, that is my destiny. What can I do here on the front except surrender into God’s hands? I’m satisfied with me destiny.

Unknown date