If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

3rd International Congress of historians

3rd International Congress of historians - e-history.kz
On June 9th, 2015 the 3rd International Congress of historians “Issues of constitutional construction and role of the Leader of the Nation” will be held.

Aim of Congress: understanding of the issues of constitutional construction and role of the Leader of the Nation to improve efficiency of public administration, as well as discussion of topical issues of national historical education and science.

Since 2011 in Kazakhstan the National Congress of Historians (NCH) actively works. The purpose of the NCH is to rise to a qualitatively new level of historical science of Kazakhstan, coordination and stimulation of scientific researches in the field of collecting, studying, preservation, development and promoting of historical, cultural and spiritual heritage of the Kazakh people.

Famous scientists, candidates and doctors of historical sciences are a part of the congress. NCH takes a part in implementation of the drafts of the program of the special historical researches "People in the stream of history" according to the tasks set by the President of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev.

On October 25, 2013 the 2nd Congress of historians of Kazakhstan, within which actual drafts of the program of the historical researchers "People in the stream of history" were discussed, was carried out. More than 20 departments of history of Kazakhstan and first historical department in Eurasian National University (ENU) named after L.Gumiliyov were opened according to the recommendation of NCH. In 2014 on the basis of ENU the country’s first Museum of history of education was opened. Members of congress took part in development of the list of priority subjects of doctoral dissertation on the history.

On February, 2015 the Republican contest among young scientists on the best scientific article devoted to the study of national history "Actual problems of Russian history", in which more than 80 young scientists of Kazakhstan took part, was held. "Historical yearbook" which contains the latest developments in modern historical science of Kazakhstan was prepared for release. The books in the series "Library of the National Congress of Historians": D. Masinkhana "Kytau turaly kyryk soz" (2014), A. Bokeykhan "Kazakhs" and K. Kemengera "From Kazakh history" (2015) were released.
Representatives of scientific and expert community of historians and the adjacent social humanities of Kazakhstan and foreign countries will be participants of the forthcoming congress. In the program of the congress: archival, archaeological, book exhibitions; presentation of books of the "Library of the National Congress of Historians" series, the 10th issue of the magazine "Mangi el" and collection of works of 3rd Congress of historians; awards ceremony of the best young historians monetary certificates and diplomas, plenary and section meetings, etc.

The work of 3rd Congress of historians will be carried out in following directions: 

— Ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary history of Kazakhstan;
— Important historical events in lives of the country and a role of the personality in the history;
— Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan in estimates of a domestic and foreign historiography;
— Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan in historical consciousness of modern Kazakhstan society;
— Leader of the Nation and his role in strengthening of statehood;
— Constitution of Kazakhstan in teaching of history in school and universities;
— Interdisciplinary projects in historical science;
— History of the country as the basis of patriotic education of youth and development of human capital;
— Major factors and conditions of creation of the Kazakh khanate;
— Museology and questions of preservation of cultural heritage;
— Archeology and ethnography: history, methodology and materials of researches;
— Conditions of school and university textbooks on history of Kazakhstan;
— About the organization of field historical and ethnological and folklore expeditions;
— Decolonization of public consciousness;
— National liberation movements;
— The main milestones of statehood in the territory of Kazakhstan;
— A role of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in strengthening of international peace and harmony in the country etc.

Publication of the collection of reports is planned by the beginning of the Congress.

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Organizing committee of the 3rd International Congress of historians