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Exhibition dedicated to history of Pavlodar opened in Astana

Exhibition dedicated to history of Pavlodar opened in Astana - e-history.kz
On May 12, 2015, opening of exhibition “Pavlodar Priirtyshie in the stream of history” took place in National Museum of Kazakhstan.

The exhibition is organized by the National Museum of Kazakhstan together with Department of culture, archives and documentation of the Pavlodar region, the museums of the Pavlodar region with assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan and regional executive authority of the Pavlodar region.


The exhibition is held within the project National Museum "Kazakhstan through history of centuries".

The director of the National Museum of Kazakhstan Darkhan Mynbay made a speech at the opening ceremony with words of a greeting: "Citizens and guests of Astana before got acquainted with valuable exhibits from collections of the museums of Karaganda region. Today Pavlodar region continues this relay.To preserve all valuable till present day and to be able to carry them to future generation — the most important method that will influence on their education. In fact, it shows our love for the country. Pavlodar is one of the regions of the country which is rich in historical events. It is homeland of such famous people as Buzhar Zhyrau, Kanysh Satpayev, famous singer Maira and many well-known singers and akyns (poet- improvisator). Among them was Mashkur Zhusip Kopeev! Let’s show our respect for their heritage, those priceless things that belonged to them. This exhibition gives us the opportunity to know them better".


"Kereky — the sacred land where were born Mashkur Zhusip Kopeev, Kanysh Satpayev, Zhusipbek Aymautov, Alkey Margulan and many other famous figures. This land has rich spiritual and cultural heritage. More than 400 exhibits we contributed to funds of the National Museum. We brought the most valuable exhibits from collections of the museums of area for today’s exhibition. Works of artists, masters of various crafts, paleontological artifacts, personal belongings of famous in the country persons, historical exhibits found during archeological excavations are shown at the exhibition", — said Vladimir Berkovsky, the secretary of regional maslikhat (local executive body) of the Pavlodar region.


Visitors of the exhibition got to know with historical past of the region, with life and work of prominent figures of science, culture, literature and art of Pavlodar region.


Sections of exhibition:

1. "Art which is awakens feelings" (works of Pavlodar artists);
2. "History of the city" (materials of history of Pavlodar);
3. "In the focus of Pavlodar Priirtyshie" (photos of modern photographers);
4. "History and ethnography of the Pavlodar Priirtyshje" (photo-documentary and subject exhibits);
5. "Archeology of the Pavlodar Priirtyshje" (archeological findings in the territory of the region);
6. "Monuments paleontology of the region" (paleontological findings);
7. "Titans of the Great Steppe" (personal belongings, photographs and documents of prominent fellow countrymen).

The exhibition will be till July 12, 2015.