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Presentation of the book “Shakarim. Life of the Kazakh poet” in Cambridge

Presentation of the book “Shakarim. Life of the Kazakh poet” in Cambridge - e-history.kz
On May 15, 2015 at 04.00 pm at Cambridge University (Great Britain) the presentation of the book “Shakarim. Life of the Kazakh poet” will take place.

On May 15, 2015 at 04.00 pm at Cambridge University (Great Britain) the presentation of the book "Shakarim. Life of the Kazakh poet" will take place

The book is about Shakarim Kudayberdiyev — the prominent Kazakh poet of end of 19th century, the philosopher whose life and work was in hard time of three revolutions, civil war and establishment of the Soviet power in the territory of Kazakhstan.

The artistic heritage of Shakarim includes a large number of poems, the story "Adil — Maria", stories on moral themes, the autobiographical work "Notes Forgotten", the philosophical treatise "Three Truth", the translations into the Kazakh language of works of the Russian classics.

Studying of history and philosophy, in-depth analysis of religious teachings led to the width of spirituals needs of Shakarim, his high level of moral insistence to himself, to people and to all mankind. Thus how can be explained his originality of work.


Author of the book "Shakarim. Life of the Kazakh poet" is the rector of the Eurasian National University (ENU) named after L. Gumilyov, the academician of National Academy of Science of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Historical sciences and Professor Erlan Sydykov. 

Within working visit of the delegation of the Eurasian National University  named after L. Gumilyov headed by the rector Erlan Sydykov will hold meetings with representatives of Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the chairman of the Central Asian Forum of the Cambridge university, professor Sidkhart Saksena, the vice-president of the Cambridge university Professor Peter Nolan.

Also negotiations on signing of the agreement on training of experts of Eurasian National University  named after L. Gumilyov at the Cambridge University will be held.

Erlan Sydykov’s book about Shakarim in English for the first was introduced on April 23, 2015 within the Kazakh Art Festival in London.

At that time, telling about the book, the Doctor of Art A. Tayzenkhauzen noted: "In this book — all life of the Kazakh poet, philosopher and teacher Shakarim. It is more than just biography of the person, in this book there is a short history of nation. Today, Shakarim is a part of the Kazakh identity, despite the fact that he started building this identity by writing of genealogy and history of Kazakhs".

Today, the book "Shakarim. Life of the Kazakh poet" is available in Kazakhs, Russian, Turkish and English languages.