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115th anniversary of Sabit Mukanov

115th anniversary of Sabit Mukanov - e-history.kz
This year marks the 115th anniversary of the famous Kazakh writer Sabit Mukanov

Ideology was one of those factors which defined the victory of the Soviet Union over Germany in the Great Patriotic War. So many poets and writers worked during the war to make more poems, sketches and stories which exposed fascist invaders. Soviet writers glorified the heroism and bravery of our people both who fought on the fronts and worked at the rear.

Prior to the Victory Day, we recall one of those skillful writers. April 26, 2015 marks the 115th anniversary of the birth of the great Kazakh writer Sabit Mukanov.

Sabit Mukanov was born in Presnovka area, North-Kazakhstan region. He spent some time attending lessons of a mullah and learning the Arabic script. Since early childhood, he loved reading tales and epics, stories, and literary sagas. He had a thirst for knowledge, read Abay’s works and poems of Tatar poet Gabdullah Tukay. When he entered the Workers Faculty (Rabfak) in the city of Omsk Sabit learned Russian language and started reading Russian literature.

Works of Russian poets and writers inspired him. Sabit Mukanov wrote the following works: "Batyrak", "Oktyabr Otkelderi", and "Sulushash".

Having finished the Workers Faculty, in 1926-1928 Sabit Mukanov worked for the newspaper "Yenbekshi Kazak" (now "Yegemen Kazakhstan"). Then he studied at the Moscow Institute of Red Professors of the All-Union Communist Party. In 1935, he graduated from this institution.

At that time, Mukanov published his poems "Mayga Salem!" and "Ak Ayu". In 1935, Sabit Mukanov established the newspaper entitled "Kazak Adebieti" and became its editor. In 1937, he was appointed the Chairman of the Kazakhstan Union of Writers. His novel "Botagoz" was published in 1938, "Menin Mektepterim" — in 1941, "Kolkhozdy Auyl Osynday" — in 1937.

In 1943, Sabit Mukanov was elected the Chairman of the Kazakhstan Union of Writers for the second time and acted as Chairman until 1951. At that period, he worked intensively on the development of literature. In the 1950s, Mukanov wrote the novel "Syr Darya" and his play "Shokan Valikhanov". And then the writer published autobiographical novel entitled "Yeseyu Zhyldary" which became the sequel to the novel "Omir Meltebi".

Sabit Mukanov was a famous public figure. He was the Member of the Supreme Council in 1947-1963. For his significant contribution to the development of literature, the writer was awarded the Order of the Red Banner (twice) and the Order of Lenin in 1960 in connection with his 60th anniversary.


Mukanov’s typewriter and pen


Writer’s work desk


The Mukanovs’ bedroom


Library of Sabit Mukanov


Model of the home where the writer was born