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The story of one photo. Alexandra Loginova

The story of one photo. Alexandra Loginova - e-history.kz

When we hear word "war", we straightway imagine terrible picture. Corpses of soldiers, women and children are everywhere, and all surrounding covered with blood. Tanks, machine guns, soldiers with the weapons are everywhere and there is no one single happy face. Such picture is more than seventy years on the minds of veterans. Is it possible to forget such horrible years? Is it possible to remember this war without tears? I think, no. It is not only me, but everyone who heard about this ruthless war that destroyed everything on the way, will say: "No — War!". Is it possible to forget screams of little kids, who were buried alive? Cries and screams of wives, mothers who buried their husbands, sons and brothers. Is it possible? It is countless how many innocent people were killed in fight. And those who can tell us about this difficult period remained just a few. However, our gratitude to these people is boundless. And eternal memory for those, who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our happiness, prosperity and peace.

Among those who participated in this war was Alexandra Stepanovna Loginova. She is the veteran of Great Patriotic War, and the veteran who assigned to our school. She lives in Zhetysu micro region on the same street with our school. Our pupils often visit her, listen her stories about war, share their school news and progresses, read poems about victory and peaceful life in the world.

This time I and my friend visited her. She was glad to see us and told us everything what she still remembers about war, though she forgot a lot of things. On the one hand, it might be due to her age, but from other hand, who wants to keep horrors of that war in memory.

After school she graduated midwifery school. Everything began at 4.00 am in June 22nd, 1941, when German troops violently attacked our country. On the same day at 4.00 pm she received agenda. She got ready at the short period of time. Her first fight was on the territory of Ukraine. "There were many wounded and dead soldiers, we, nurses hardly managed to give first aid", — sadly said Alexandra, as they did not managed to rescue all of them. Alexandra was 20 years old when she taken away to the war. She was very young girl, who did not know the taste of love and life. "There was lack of food. We ate everything and could survive without food for a few days, — says Alexandra. — These insensible people transfused blood of our women and children to their soldiers. They should be called fascists and only fascists!" — repeated Alexandra.

Nurse Loviginova at the beginning of the war was just ordinary soldier. Over time for her persistence, bravery and for good service she received the tittles of one after another and by the end of the war Alexandra became senior lieutenant.

Fortunately, Aleksandra Stepanovna could overcome all barriers, all troubles which fell upon her, on her relatives and upon the country! She reached Berlin when the war finished. And there she met her future husband, Pavel Mikhailovich Loginov who was senior lieutenant, tankman and same as Alexandra went through all war.


Alexandra's husband Pavel Loginov

They were the same age and quickly found a common language. A year later after dating they got married. Soon they had a daughter, Elena, and then — Svetlana. At the moment, Elena lives with her mother and Svetlana in Astana. Unfortunately, Pavel died a few years ago. Now Alexandra is 94 years old. Sharing with us her memories, which she kept for 70 years, tears came from eyes. I would rather want that they were tears of happiness.

I am very grateful to her and all veterans, who protected our Homeland and who gave us chance to live without fear and hatred. Nobody knows what would happen now if not they. We do not know whether sky would be blue and the sun as bright as now, whether we would be happy as now?!I do not think so!

How many people died for this victory? More than 27 million people.
A big thank from all children and mothers, from old men and sons to those who gave their lives for our wellbeing. Certainly, it is small thing what we can do, but is it our sincere gratitude!

Each person must meet all the expectations of our defenders! To prove that it was not in vain that they suffered endured hunger and cold, fought for peace and happiness in the world!


I think, I and my contemporaries will meet their expectations, and will do everything to make our Homeland blossom every day!

Kalbinur Musayeva,
Pupil of 8th grade of gymnasium № 153 named after A. Rozybakiyev,

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