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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

“When we are together…”

“When we are together…” - e-history.kz
The library of the National Art Gallery “Astana” hosts the meeting of ethnic and cultural associations “When we are together…”

Today the library of the National Art Gallery "Astana" has organised the meeting of ethnic and cultural associations entitled "Kogda My Vmeste" ("When we are together..."). The event was held within the frameworks of the library’s project called "The Great Power of Harmony" which is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.


This historical data became a new landmark in forming sovereign Kazakhstan, establishing the modern political system, implementing the idea of peace, social unity and harmony of all people of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Over the last twenty years, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan became a crucial part of Kazakhstan model of tolerance and social harmony among different ethnic groups which representatives live in our country.


The meeting in the library was attended by representatives of various ethnic and cultural associations of Kazakhstan capital, including German association "Vozrozhdeniye", National and Cultural Centre "Tan", Russian Centre of Culture and Science, National and Cultural Centre "Van", National and Cultural Centre "Obereg" and Azerbaijan Public Association "Khazar". The library users had an opportunity to learn customs and traditions of ethnic groups living in the territory of our country and realise that all of them form the basis for inter-ethnic culture.


Guests of the event were also impressed by the performance of national ensembles "Veselka", "Ladushka", and "Azheli Shanyrak Ansambli". The library project also included a book exhibition entitled "Dostyk Alemi — Planeta Druzhby" ("The Planet of Friendship"). This exhibition was held with the aim to demonstrate the ways of communication between peoples inhabiting the territory of Kazakhstan.



We remind that a unique institution for harmonisation of inter-ethnic relations, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, was established in our country just 20 years ago, on March 1, 1995. Now it is a symbol of unity and harmony between representatives of various nationalities and ethnicities in our republic. In order to further strengthen interethnic harmony in the country and enhancing the role of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in providing the national unity of people of Kazakhstan, according to the decision of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the year 2015 was declared the Year of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.