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10 interesting facts about Nauryz

10 interesting facts about Nauryz  - e-history.kz
Nauryz — a spring festival of renewal. It originated among the people of the East long before acceptance of Islam, thus it was deprived of religious rituals.

Here is the list of 10 interesting facts about Nauryz.

1. People used to start celebration of Nauryz traditionally by meeting dawn. It is connected to one of ancient rituals — "If you see a spring, clear its source".

2. Nauryz does not belong to religion. The exact history of Nauryz is unknown, but it originates in pre-Islamic times. Today, scientists believe that most likely this holiday originates in Zoroastrian and pagan times.

3. In Atyrau and Mangystau regions people began celebrate Nauryz since March 14, and it has a special name called "Amal". The traditional element of it is the ritual called "korisu" (greeting). In that day everyone should greet each other by hugging and handshaking with both hands. Also in greeting it is necessary to say "Zhana zhul kutty bolsin!" which means "Happy New Year!"

4. Children born in that day were given the names, which has the same roots or derivative of the name of holiday. Names that have been kept till present — Nauryzbek, Nauryzbay and Nauryzgul.

5. If it was snowing on that day, our ancestors considered it as a good sign. In ancient Kazakh legends the beauty of women compared with white snow. And it is indeed that snow in March is not scratchy, but very soft and has its special whiteness.

6. There was a period, from 1926 to 1988, when Nauryz was not celebrated in Kazakhstan. The decree which state that 3 days have been allocated for celebration of Nauryz was signed after 8 years (2009).

7. Nauryz is celebrated not only in Kazakhstan. Neighboring countries that celebrate it are Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and even Russia! Countries like Afghanistan and Iran also are also looking forward to celebrate Nauryz.

8. The festival has its special dish called "Nauryz kozhe". It consists of 7 components. The number of ingredients has deep meaning. It symbolizes days of week, i.e. time units of infinity of our Universe. Some rituals and ceremonies are connected with this number. Seven bowls of this dish should be served in front of aksakal (male elder, the old and wise man of the community) on celebration. Everyone during Nauryz should visit 7 houses and invite 7 guests.

9. In Uzbekistan traditional dish considered "Sumalak", which has some similarities with Nauryz kozhe. It also consists of 7 components, which should be vegetables.

10. According to belief of Kazakhs first three days of Nauryz should be passed with special rumble. Knowledgeable people say that sheep came from heaven and they are among the first feel this rumble and their shepherd can know about it. On such day the whole nature, animals and people became alive. It is believed that in such day people should not cut hair and nails, to avoid sickness such as paralysis. The whole environment obtains special energy only after "Az" (special great time). There is a proverb: "Do not be happy until Az passes".