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Historical exhibition “The light of millennia” will be opened in Astana

 Historical exhibition “The light of millennia” will be opened in Astana - e-history.kz
March 18, the exhibition “The light of millennia” from the fund of State historical and cultural museum reserve “Azret Sultan” (Turkestan) will be opened in the Museum of First President of Kazakhstan

Organizers of the exhibition promise that visitors will completely plunge into history of great Turkestan — center of an inner world of Turkic peoples. And it will be also due to complex archeological artifacts — lamps. The art of creation of lamps in a steppe civilization was originated in ancient times.

Moreover, 60 archeological and ethnographic artefacts, which passed all stages of scientific researches, will be represented in the exhibition. They are unique bricks, which kept fire from fading; results of filed research, scientific data inventory and reconstruction.

"Azret Sultan" museum’s funds preserve original exhibits, which relates to different eras. The most «ancient» lamps, which are given in exposition, are date from the millennium BC, and the "latest" — 19th century. The special place in this collection is taken by the lamps made by order of the Emir Timur by the master Izz al-Din ibn Taj al-Din Isfakhani especially for Khoja Akhmed Yassawi’s mausoleum in the 14th century. The unique inscription (epigraphy) decorating lamps represent great scientific and cultural value as a special kind of historical sources. At the same time, tanks of cylinders of two such lamps are stored in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, and the middle and lower part of another lamp are stored in the Louvre.

Museum reserve "Azret Sultan" is a whole special complex of archeological and architectural monuments; it’s the symbol of medieval history of Kazakhstan. Many years of study of archeology and architecture of the area by several generations of scientists had been spent before opening the museum in 1989. Modern researchers, which work in Turkestan archeological expedition, created in May, 1996, continue their work. One of numerous results of activities of expedition is compilation of a new Archaeological map of monuments of Turkestan.

Priceless historical artefacts, which continue to be found by archeologist, always replenish funds of museum reserve "Azret Sultan".

Study, conservation and a muzeefikation of archaeological monuments and artifacts, problems of protection and promotion of cultural heritage, history of archaeological and museum study of Kazakhstan, eligibility of cultural wealth — not the full list what are affected by the forthcoming exhibition.

The exhibition "The light of millennia" will last till April 13, 2015 in the Museum of First President of Kazakhstan.