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Astana hosts the exhibition “Azhar – beautiful faces of the history”

Astana hosts the exhibition “Azhar – beautiful faces of the history” - e-history.kz
Opening ceremony of the exhibition is held at the National Art Gallery “Astana” on March 3, 2015 at 5 p.m.

The exhibition entitled "Azhar — beautiful faces of the history" is dedicated to the International Women’s Day (8 March) and organized jointly with the Association of Businesswomen of Kazakhstan. It is held at the National Art Gallery "Astana" (the city of Astana). Association of Businesswomen of Kazakhstan, the republican organization which integrates all women who involve in politics, public administration, business, science, education, health care and culture, also celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The works exhibited within the frameworks of the event will give residents and guests of the capital a unique opportunity to trace the development of creativity of Kazakhstan artists and to admire beautiful women’s faces depicted on historic canvas.

The exhibition "Azhar — beautiful faces of the history" is created on the basis of paintings collected in the foundation of the National Art Gallery "Astana". The authors of the works are both professional artists and those women who acquired the skills of painting. Exposition of the exhibition covers the period of creativity from the first professional Kazakh artist Aysha Galimbayeva to representatives of modern art of Kazakhstan. The exposition also shows painting traditions of artists from Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia and Latvia.

One of the halls of the exhibition represents the works demonstrating how women differ from each other and how unique they are. Working on women’s portraits artists with their dignity, special elegancy and certain brightness in palette show the most significant and important event in lives of women. The influence of woman image is so deep and great that even could support formation of cultural values. The fact is beautiful women’s faces reflect the time and traditions.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition will start with musical performance prepared by the Symphony Orchestra of the Astana Opera Theatre under the direction of Honorary Figure of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Abzal Mukhitdinov.

Representatives of the diplomatic corps, businessmen, public figures, representatives of the sphere of culture, art and education, the republican mass media as well as partners of the National Art Gallery "Astana" will attend the meeting as guests of honour.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition "Azhar — beautiful faces of the history" will be at the National Art Gallery "Astana" on March 3, 2015 at 5 p. m. at 2 Republic Avenue, the city of Astana. Admission free.