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Program of opening of the Year of the Assembly of People Kazakhstan

Program of opening of the Year of the Assembly of People Kazakhstan - e-history.kz
From 3rd to 6th of February, 2015 in Astana the festive events devoted to the Year of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan will be organized.

Republican state institution "Kogamdyk kelisim" under management of the President of Kazakhstan is the organizer of this event.

State Secretary of Kazakhstan Gulshara Abdykalikova, Deputy Head of the Executive Office of the President Baglan Mailybayev, Akim (regional governor) of the city Astana Adibek Dzhaksybekov, the Vice-chairman — the manager of the Secretariat of Assembly of People Kazakhstan (APK) Eraly Tugzhanov, deputies of parliament of Kazakhstan, famous public figures, members of APK, ethno-cultural associations, non-governmental organizations (NGO), representatives of the scientific and creative intellectuals and government bodies will participate in this event.

The program of solemn events devoted to beginning of the Year of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

February 3rd

At 12.00 p.m. — the lecture-presentation "20-year history of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan» will be presented in Academy of Public Administration under the President of Kazakhstan (2nd floor, "Blue hall"). The aim of this lecture is promotion of the Kazakhstan model of interethnic tolerance and public consent of N. Nazarbayev, acquaintance with mechanism of implementation of domestic ethno-policy, history of creation, and activities of APK at the present and its constitutional status. Lecture is given by the Deputy of Mazhilis of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Political Sciences and Professor Kuanysh Sultanov, Director of Ukrainian ethno-cultural association "Obereg" Tamara Shirmer. Deputy Head of the Executive Office of the President Baglan Mailybayev was invited as the guest of honor.

At 15.00 p.m. — the presentation of the ethno-political dictionary "Terms and concepts of the Kazakhstan policy and practice in the sphere of public consent and interethnic tolerance" will take place in the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan (in "Sukhbat" hall).

February 5th

The lecture of "20-year of history of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan" will be given in 11 higher education institutions of the city of Astana during the day. The lecturers would be deputies of Mazhilis of Parliament of Kazakhstan, members of scientific advisory council of APK, principals of ethno-cultural associations of the city of Astana and famous public figures.

February 6th

In the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation following programs will be organized:

From 11.00–11.20 pm — the ceremony of raising the Flag of the Year of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and flash mob "Zhastar kogamdyk kelisimdi koldaidy" ("Youth support public consent").

From 11.20–11.40 — the fair of masters of national and applied art "Halyk murasy" ("National heritage") will be held in the foyer.

From 11.45–13.00 — the ceremony of solemn Start of the Year of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan will be held in the opera hall.

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