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At the origin of the Kazakh State Philharmonic

At the origin of the Kazakh State Philharmonic  - e-history.kz
This year the philharmonic hall, which is considered the first and oldest concert organization in Kazakhstan, celebrates its 80th anniversary.

People say: "God enclosed in soul of each Kazakh a little part of "kui" (instrumental play, traditional for the Kazakh people) from the moment of his birth". It is not accident, people "from outside", who observe life of Kazakhs at 18–19 centuries, not without surprise and delight marked strongly evident ability of the Kazakh people to the work of prompt musical and poetic improvising, a wide involvement into the sphere of playing music of all population — from young to old.

The musical history of our country has long traditions. It is not about a folk music existed for centuries and in the millennia, but about attempts of creation of a certain image of traditional classical development which gives pulse for perception of level of education and compliance of the city by the common standards at that time.


Building of Kazakh State Philharmonic Hall 

The history of creation of a symphonic orchestra in Almaty has 110-year history today. The first attempts of creation of an orchestra in the city Vernyi began in 1900 when in the different cities of the Russian Empire various cultural and educational organizations, the unions of musical figures and theatrical clubs started arise.

"Society of the adherents of education", which was also engaged in preparation of musical personnel was created at the end of the 19th century. In 1900, the choruses from the historical and romantic opera of J. Meyerbeer «Prophet» that was directed by Luka Lanzheli, the Italian man, who arrived in Vernyi from Milan, was performed by the forces of the society. He had long experience in the field of choral and vocal-symphonic music and introduced listeners with J. Rossini, J. Verdi, R. Lencavallo, A. Dargomyzhsky and P. Tchaikovsky’s remarkable opera works. His students continued his work.


1912. First symphonic orchestra of the city of Vernyi. The artistic director and the conductor Luka Lenzheli (at center)

Later the chorus master Solovyov together with the artist Prusinovsky delivered a grandiose scene to the 100th anniversary of Patriotic War of 1812. All adult population of the city took part in crowd scenes. Many years will pass and in days of other war with fascism, Sergey Prokofiev, evacuated to Alma-Ata will introduce audience with the first line of the opera "War and Peace".

During formation of the republics of the Soviet Union, particularly Kazakhstan, huge attention was paid to support of musical culture and art. Creation of national and art collectives, educational and concert activities was in every possible way supported that absolutely logically led to creation on January 14, 1935 the Resolution of Council of People’s Commissars of KAZSSR in the capital of the republic the city of Alma-Ata of the State philharmonic hall which in 1938 received a name of the great Kazakh akyn Zhambyl Zhabayev.


One of the first compositions of a national orchestra, 1935 


Zhambyl and K.Bayseitova

From that moment the prompt growth of its concert activities had begun. Staff of philharmonic hall began to take part in many actions of republican scale and represent the republic abroad.


First building of philharmonic (Now the building of puppet theater) 

Akhmet Zhubanov — the outstanding scientific musicologist, the composer, the conductor, the people’s artist of Kazakh SSR, the academician of Academy of Science of Kazakh SSR, public and the statesman, the author of remarkable monographs about the Kazakh folk music — "Strings of centuries" and "Nightingales of centuries" was the first director and the artistic director of philharmonic hall.


Akhmet Zhubanov

After A. Zhubanov the representatives of culture among whom there were outstanding musicians who the constructive labor promoted further development and heyday of the creative organization were at the head of philharmonic hall. Names like U. Brusilovsky, A. Kaplambekov, M. Koyshibayev, S. Mukhamedzhanov, E.Rakhmadiyev, B. Amangeldiyev, M. Bestybayev, T. Ibrayev, A. Dautbayev, T. Alpiyev, M. Uteuov and K. Urazgaliyev entered to the history of the Kazakh musical art.

The famous actors who brought glory and entered into history of the Kazakh culture — Dina Nurpeisova, Nausha Bukeykhanov, Kali Zhantleuov, Okhap Kabigozhin, Kosymzhan Babakov, brothers Rishad and Muslim Abdullin, etc. were soloists of philharmonic hall.


Dina Nurpeisova and Zhambyl Zhabayev


Rishat and Muslim Abdullin 

Compositions of outstanding domestic composer — Mukan Tuleubayev, Ahmet Zhubanov, Eugene Brusilovsky, Latif Hamidi, Bakytzhan Baykadamov, Kuddus etc. for the first time were performed on a scene of a concert hall of philharmonic hall.


The philharmonic hall played a big role in promotion of bright original creations of domestic composers whose works made an invaluable contribution to development of musical art of the republic. The scene of philharmonic hall represents different genres — from a folk music which is executed on national tools, to large symphonic forms.