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A Hall of Painting will be opened at the National Art Gallery «Astana»

A Hall of Painting will be opened at the National Art Gallery «Astana» - e-history.kz
On December 9, 2014 a Hall of Painting will be presented at the National Art Gallery "Astana"

Works of the founders of Kazakh visual art and their followers, which are rightly recognized as priceless, will be brought to the attention of the gallery’s quests.

The Hall’s exposition includes paintings of the first professional artists whose activity contributed to foundation and development of the school of Kazakhstan’s visual art. They are N. Khludov, A. Kasteev, A. Ismailov, K. Khodzhikov, A. Cherkasskiy, P. Zal’tsman, A. Bortnikov, and A. Galimbaeva. The history of formation of national school of visual art can be traced by the works of such artists as S. Aytbaev, Sh. Sariev, Zh. Shardenov, M. Kenbaev, G. Ismilova.

Visitors also will enjoy musical performance by the symphony orchestra "Astana" under direction of Abzal Mukhitdinov.

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