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The National Museum of the RK is opening today in Astana

The National Museum of the RK is opening today in Astana - e-history.kz
Long-awaited historic event for all people of Kazakhstan - opening of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan - is happening today.

The grand opening of a unique project which has no analogues in Central Asia is expected to be attended by the Head of the State N. A. Nazarbayev.

According to the press service of the museum, archaeological, ethnographical, historical and cultural monuments of Kazakhstan from ancient times to the present day are collected on the area of more than 74 thousand square meters. Exhibition Complexes of the National Museum are presented by the following halls: the Hall of Astana, the Hall of Kazakhstan’s Independence, the Halls of Gold, the Hall of Ancient and Medieval History, the Hall of History, the Hall of Ethnography, the Halls of Modern Art.

The museum is equipped with facilities that meet international standards. Expositions were built using modern exhibition technologies, including unique curved screen, media floor, dynamic layout of Astana, holograms, LED-technology, sensory kiosks, multimedia guide and to name but a few.

Today, on July 3, at the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan memorandum of cooperation with the Russian Museum of Ethnography (RME) and the State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSIZO was signed. The Russian Museum of Ethnography has a 100-year history of existence and is one of the largest ethnographical museums in Europe. Since the founding of ROSIZO approximately 500 thousand of works of art from its funds were transferred to Russian museums. Over the past ten years ROSIZO participated in the organization of more than 350 exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

Besides the main exposition in seven halls of the museum the following exhibitions also will be opened:

«Traditional textile of the Central Asia and Caucasus — heritage of the Great Silk Road» (RME, Saint-Petersburg); «4 centuries of Russian painting» (ROSIZO, Moscow); «National traditions and openness to the world» (the Artists Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan); fair of Kazakhstan’s artisans, exhibition of archival photographs «Kazakhs in the XIX–XX centuries»; photo-exhibition of felt works by Hungarian artist Judith Poks and Russian artist Yana Volkova; demonstration of the collection of felt clothes «Seykhun tolkyndary» by honored figure of the RK Saule Bapanova (Union of Artisans of Kazakhstan).

At the press conference, one of the foreign guests John Simpson, curator of the British Museum in London, noticed: «It is a great honor and privilege for me to be here as the curator of the British Museum in London. Museum is a cultural flagship, research center, providing good opportunities for education and learning, making a huge contribution to international cooperation. This museum is worth to be visited. Yesterday I witnessed President opened this new National Museum. It has a striking design and modern building with relevant content. I think that the use of multimedia and new technologies for showing and interpreting of old collections is an achievement and excellence».

Also during this day everyone will be able to visit the museum, become acquainted with its expositions and evaluate the scale of the project. Everyone could visit the museum from 17.30 to 22.00. Especially for visitors the museum organizes celebratory program «Journey along the Great Silk Road» which includes:

— improvised medieval towns of the Silk Road in Kazakhstan (Turkestan, Sauran, Ispijab, Taraz, Syganak, Akmeshit, Otrar, Suyab),
— workshops of artists and artisans,
— fair of arts and crafts and plein air artists,
— photographing in national costumes and demonstration of national clothing collection,
— interactive game program for children, interactive playground for children, museum quiz,
— national games and tasting of national food and drinks,
— evening of dombra music.

Journalists of the portal have prepared a brief photo report on the first visit to the museum. Cultural walk to each of the seven rooms of the museum is coming soon.










Hall of Ancient and Medieval History



Hall of Ethnography

Note that the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be opened for visitors during the holidays dedicated to the Day of the capital.