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Veterans of the Department of Internal Affairs congratulate the young officers on their professional holiday

 Veterans of the Department of Internal Affairs congratulate the young officers on their professional holiday - e-history.kz
Traditionally, on the eve of the Day of the Kazakh police Astana’s Board of Veterans of the Department of Internal Affairs does not stand aside and congratulated on their professional holiday younger
A member of the Board of Veteran of the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) police colonel Alexander Knyazev was not exception. Work experience in law enforcement Alexander has 36 years. Back in 1956, when in order to stabilize the crime situation in the Department of Internal Affairs Petropavlovsk volunteer brigades were created to facilitate the police, as a young athlete, Petropavlovsk champion in Greco-Roman wrestling, helping police officers to patrol the streets of the city and the territory of the city park, chose the profession. From that moment, he began his brilliant biography of operational and investigative services. 

Alexander rose from cadet to police colonel. Work activities in law enforcement began with the security officer of the 26th Division of the 8th General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR. Over the years in the police, from an ordinary employee, he rose to head Stepnogorsky Department Inner City Affairs (DICA) of Tselinograd region Leninsky district police department of Astana, headed the 5th Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) of Akmola region, the end point of his working career began as Deputy Chief of the criminal police of DIA of Akmola region. In 1993, this office Knyazev police colonel went on a holiday, but the nature of the operative, hardened over the years, does not allow him to rest. For 20 years, he is the deputy chairman of the Veterans Council at the capital DIA actively engaged in social work, always ready to help young police officers. Sometimes look at situation seasoned operatives can greatly help today's front-line services.


The colonel of police A.Knyazev

"I am convinced that today's generation of police officers - it professionally trained people, selflessly carrying their hard service with the maintenance of public order in the city. Honor and glory to them, - shares his thoughts police colonel Alexander Knyazev. However, unfortunately, there are various kinds of incidents perpetrated by employees, designed to guard the law and order. These cases are not common in nature. Majority of police officers are conscientious people, honestly perform their duties".

According to the veteran, the capital's police officers have special responsibility. Astana is the heart and pride of Kazakhstan. The workload on one police officer in the capital remains the highest in the country. The city regularly hosts socio-political and other major events. For instance, conduct various diplomatic missions and escort official visits when the heads of state and government delegations come to the capital. A large number of foreign people live and regularly visit the capital. Considering all factors, the capital DIA employees with honor cope with their responsibilities. 

"On the eve of our professional holiday, the Day of the Kazakh police, I wish to law enforcement officials remain committed to their chosen profession, to prevent violations of service and military discipline, to be faithful to the oath, adopted before entering the service. In short, to serve with a cool head, a warm heart and clean hands. And we, the veterans, in turn, are always ready to help comprehensively and transmit our accumulated life and professional experience "- says with the warmth the police colonel A. Knyazev.

Saule Kaliyeva 

Press-service of Astana Department of Inernal Affairs 

translated by D.TAUKEBAYEVA

June 23, 2014