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Presentation of N.Nazarbayev’s book “G-Global —the world of the 21st century”

Presentation of N.Nazarbayev’s book “G-Global —the world of the 21st century” - e-history.kz
March 27, 2014 in Nazarbayev’s Center hosted a presentation of N. Nazarbayev’s book “G-Global — the world of the 21st century”.

March 27, 2014 in Nazarbayev’s Center hosted a presentation of N. Nazarbayev’s book “G-Global the world of the 21st century”. PhD, first Deputy Director of HIS Zh. Kydyralina and Candidate of Philological Science, Chief scientist of Department of Eurasianizm and Comparative political studies M. Anafinova spoke in presentation with the reports that reveal the basic ideas and principles of initiative.

The new book of President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev was dedicated to global issues of today. Each chapter reveals the essence of Kazakhstan’s initiative of   G-Global, based on five principles “evolution and rejection of revolutionary change in policy”, “justice, equality and consensus”, “global tolerance and trust” “global transparency” and “constructive multipolarity”. 


Today during the communicative Internet platform G-GLOBAL millions of users already engaged in dialogue on a wide range of issues of formation of new and just world order in the 21st century. Stabilization in Central Asia is one of the most recent issues. It is impossible to overcome the challenges of the coming epoch alone. The main point of N.Nazarbayev’s initiative concerning G-Global is to bring together the efforts of all in creating a just and safe world order.

Kazakhstan as dynamic state formed its own vision an effective world order in the new century. G-GLOBAL is a new format of global dialogue, which was offered to the world, the highest “geopolitical Mathematics” of 21st century.

In 21st century it became possible on their basis successfully search solutions to major global issues. G-GLOBAL is the five terms of safe and prosperous world in 21st century. In systematic view they reflect all key international initiatives of Kazakhstan:  

·  Complex project of reforming world financial and economic system;

·  World free from nuclear weapon;

·  Congresses of world and traditional religions;

·  Single continental platform of Euro-Atlantic and Euro-Asian security;

·  Global energy strategy and “Green Bridge”.  


All of these initiatives are discussed in the UN and other international organizations, as well as in our multilateral and bilateral negotiations with other countries, they become part of the global dialogue. Many of them are implemented in practice. To support G-GLOBAL initiatives of President announced many Nobel laureates, veterans of global politics and experts. Many political leaders positively expressed about her.  Millions of users have already visited the site of G-GLOBAL. In general, G-GLOBAL is the Kazakhstan’s contribution to global search for new ways of development of the world.

Kazakhstan during the formation and development of sovereign state became a recognized global platform for dialogues, including after the OSCE chairmanship in 2010. At that time in Astana was able to achieve significant progress in Transnistrian conflict and number of other issues. Among other significant events there are Summit and chairmanship of Kazakhstan in organization of Islamic Cooperation (2011), as well as initiative of holding talks in Almaty about Iranian nuclear program in the “5+1”. The first round was held this year in February and the second can take place in September.  

Created by the initiative of the Kazakh communicative platform G-GLOBAL became a kind of public diplomacy. G-GLOBAL is not just a one-way transmission of information, but engagement of dialogues on the most topical global issues of humanity, which necessary to be solved with whole world. As an example of development of the country with a long history is upcoming World Expo 2017, which is a special apotheosis of technological, innovative, historical and cultural development of nations.

M. Anafinova,

Candidate of philological sciences of Department of Eurasianism and comparative political researches

Material was provided by Institute of History of State CS MES RK.