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Founder of the reserves of the State Archive of Astana city: Kupershtokh Leonid Moiseevich

Founder of the reserves of the State Archive of Astana city: Kupershtokh Leonid Moiseevich - e-history.kz
January 12, 2013 was the 100th anniversary of birth of Kupershtokh Leonid Moiseevich, Candidate of Technical Sciences and Associated Professor of the Tselinograd Agricultural Institute.

January 12, 2013 was the 100th anniversary of birth of Kupershtokh Leonid Moiseevich, Candidate of Technical Sciences and Associated Professor of the Tselinograd Agricultural Institute. Leonid Moiseevich is a founder of the reserves of the State Archive of Astana city, reserve № 365.

Leonid Moiseevich was born in 1914 in Kainsk city (Kuybyshev city, Novosibirsk region). During 1916 — 1922 his family lived in the city of Tomsk and beginning from 1922 — in Omsk. In 1930 he graduated from secondary school and entered the Omsk Technical School of rail transport construction, which he graduated from in 1933. Having worked for the Omsk rail way till July 1934, he entered the Leningrad Institute of Engineers of Rail Transport.

In winter of 1939 during the war with Finland he was sent to the Warsaw station of the Leningrad rail hub, where he worked till the end of the war, in the capacity of the representative of People’s commissariat of communication lines. After the graduating the Leningrad Institute of Engineers of Rail Transport in 1940 he entered post-graduate stage at the same Institute, the Department of «Stations and Hubs».

Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic war Leonid Moiseevich served as the company’s commander on strengthening of Leningrad’s defence.

In August 1941 he was evacuated to Omsk where since September 1941 he worked as a teacher in Omsk Electrotechnical Technical School. Since October 1942 he was teacher and head of studies of evacuated Kiev Technical School of Material-Technical Supply.

In April 1944 he was appointed as the Head of Sverdlovsk College of Construction where he had been working till December 1946 when he was reenrolled to the post-graduate course. After graduating post-graduate studies he was sent to Novosibirsk Institute of Engineers of Rail Transport and worked as teacher. In May 1944 he was accepted to the Communist Party. In June 1949 he defended his candidate thesis.

Since September 1952 Leonid Moiseevich was reappointed to the teacher’s position in Akmola College of Rail Transport.

Since June 1958 he worked in Akmola Agricultural Institute. Since August 1959 was appointed to the post of the Head of Department. From 1976 to 1979 was the Associated Professor of that Department. In 1978 was awarded «For the excellent success in work» for the contribution to higher education. Died in 2000.

Kupershtokh L.M. published a number of textbooks, tutorial, scientific works and articles. In total there were 34 scientific works.

For successful research-teaching, official and public service activity he was awarded with three medals and diplomas from central, national and regional organizations.

Along with scientific, pedagogic and public activity, Leonid Moiseevich was occupied with literature. From the great number of written by him works of art, 2 plays were put on the stage and 21 poetically and prosaic works were published.

(above: Kupershtokh L.M. with artiste Plyasecky (from right to left) Gagra, 1964)

Serali Saruar,

State Archive of Astana city

translated by  I.KUZMENKO

June 6, 2014