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Life rules of Abay Kunanbayev

Life rules of Abay Kunanbayev - e-history.kz

Abay Kunanbayev wrote “Words of edification” already in his declining years, when he became aware of taste and temptations of power, the burden of earthly deeds, people’s recognition and loss of loved ones. His inferences and instructive conclusions are topical today. The list of his life rules, given below, represents a good guidance for contemporaries.
• Person who is obsequious only for the sake of the merciful pat on the back is willing to sell his mother and father, relatives and friends, faith and conscience.
• If you reached the truth, do not give up on it, even being under the fear of death.
• High position same as high rock, unhurried snake can crawl on it and swift-winged hawk can soar on it. Foes begin to praise those who have not yet reached the top and these gullible enjoyed their words.
• Who poisoned Socrates, who burned Joan of Arc, who executed Gais, who buried our prophet in the remains of a camel? Crowd. Reckless crowd. Manage to guide it to the right path.
• Who among us has never been in trouble? Only weak loses hope. It is true that there is nothing in the world constant, since evil is not forever. Is it after a harsh winter comes blooming deepest spring?
• Live by cunning, deceit and begging is destiny of foolish rogues.
• What differentiate us from animals, if we only see with eyes? In childhood we were better. Children those being ashamed are ready to sink into the ground, whereas adults do not know shame. Is it their superiority over children?
• Judge human merits by the way how he starter his business not on how he managed to complete it.
• Discipline in deeds and thoughts are the basis of well-being.
• Useless and in vain: powerless anger, love without loyalty and teacher without student.
• A man should dress modestly, keep cloth clean and be pleasant. Spend on clothes more than resource permit, to burden themselves with excessive concern about appearance can only dandies.
• What to say to someone who does not know the value of the word? As one wise said, better feed pig that admits itself.
• No matter how beautiful the thought passed through human lips it tarnish.
• While you trying to achieve happiness, everyone wishes you well, but once you reach a goal, your well-wisher is yourself.
• How is it happens, that we do not talk bad about dead, but do not see worthy among the living?
• The great thing is to know the measure to everything. Everything beyond measure is evil.
• The vessel that holds the mind and knowledge is the character of person. Nurture your character!
• Shame is the human dignity that forces to admit guilt inside and make own punishment.
• A bad friend is like a shadow when the sun over your head he will remain with you, but when the clouds are gathering you would be able to find him.

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