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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Scientific and educational magazine about the museums of Kazakhstan” presented in Astana

Presentation of the first issue of a scientific and educational magazine “ICOM Kazakhstan. Heritage of the museums of Kazakhstan” has been held in the capital city today.

“Today we are witnessing a unique event - presentation of a new magazine “ICOM Kazakhstan. Heritage of the museums of Kazakhstan”. This magazine has been worked out by employees of the complex “Map of Kazakhstan “Atameken”, Astana city akimat and the Ministry. That is why I would like to thank the administration of the complex “Map of Kazakhstan “Atameken” and to express my deep gratitude to Astana city akimat for support and organizational issues provided during publishing of this magazine”, the head of the Administration of historical and cultural heritage of the Culture Committee of the Ministry of culture and information of the RoK Bazarbai Altayev noted in his speech.

It’s worth noting that in 2013 at the initiative of Astana city museums, “International Council of Museums” (ICOM Kazakhstan) was created on the base of the ethno-memorial complex “Map of Kazakhstan “Atameken”. The ethno-memorial complex “Map of Kazakhstan “Atameken” was opened on September 8, 2001, at the initiative of the President of the Republic. 

“I always see the level of people as they go to theatres and museums, to all our culture centers, for we differ with the city culture, appurtenance to it. There are 205 museums in the republic today, and 60 museums have already become members of ICOM Kazakhstan. There are 7 museums, 4 galleries in Astana, today there are 69 cultural infrastructure facilities, this is a great achievement in our culture”, the head of the research and methodic excursion bureau “Atameken” Bakhytzhan Orazymbetova said in her speech. Note that the aim of the republican scientific and educational magazine “ICOM Kazakhstan. Heritage of the museums of Kazakhstan” is to distribute information and to promote activity of museums of Kazakhstan and of the world.