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Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

Conference "Science and education in the modern competitive environment"


On February 15-16, 2014, the Research Centre for Information and Legal Technologies holds an international theoretical and practical conference "Science and education in the modern competitive environment."

The main aim of the international conference is the integration and coordination of interdisciplinary efforts of scientists from different countries to study the actual problems of modern science and the definition of its prospects.

The form of conference: correspondence (without mentioning the form of the event in the name of the collection)

Conference languages: Russian, English.

1.  Architecture

2.  Biological sciences

3.  Veterinary sciences

4.  Geographical sciences

5.   Geology and mineralogy sciences

6.  Art Studies

7.  Historical Sciences

8.  Psychological science

9.   Agricultural sciences

10.  Social sciences

11.  Medical sciences

12.  Educational sciences

13.  Political science

14.  Engineering

15.   Pharmaceutical Sciences

16.  Physics and mathematics

17.  Philology

18.  Philosophical sciences

19.  Chemical sciences

20.  Economics

21.  Jurisprudence

The article and request, which were drawn up in accordance with the requirements, should be sent until February 15, 2014 to the E-mail address icipt@mail.ru.


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