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International Conference "Actual problems of the development of science"

International theoretical and practical conference "Actual problems of the development of science" will be held on February 14, 2014 in the city of Ufa.

The main aim of the conference is the search for solutions to urgent problems of the modern science and the dissemination of scientific theoretical and practical knowledge of scientists, educators, students, doctoral students and stakeholders.

  The form of holding is distant, without specifying the form of holding in the collection of articles.

Language: Russian, English.

The conference will cover the following topis:

Section 01. Physics and mathematics

Section 02. Chemical sciences

Section 03. Biological sciences

Section 04. Geological and mineralogical sciences

Section 05. Engineering

Section 06. Agricultural sciences

Section 07. Historical Sciences

Section 08. Economics

Section 09. Philosophical sciences

Section 10. Philology

Section 11. Jurisprudence

Section 12. Educational sciences

Section 13. Medical sciences

Section 14. Pharmaceutical sciences

Section 15. Veterinary science

Section 16. Arts

Section 17. Architecture

Section 18. Psychological science

Section 19. Social sciences

Section 20. Political science

Section 21. Cultural sciences

Section 22. Earth Sciences

Materials must be submitted until the February 14, 2014, on - science@aeterna-ufa.ru



+7 987 1000 333



Ufa, Gafuri Street, 27/2