If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

The presentation of a book on Batyr Janybek was held in Almaty

The first book explores the history phenomenon of batyrstvo in Kazakh nomadic society based on a large number of primary sources.

Janybek batyr belongs to the most favorite warriors of that era. This was announced in Almaty at the presentation of the book "The most noble among all the elders" about the first Kazakh tarkhan Zhanibek Koshkaruly, said an author Irina Erofeeva, reports inform.kz.

In the book, the activity of Janybek batyr appears in wide historical and socio-cultural context of his era.

"My theme about batyrs was with me since childhood. There was a cult of batyrs in my family. The fund of M. Auezov, represented by Marat Mukhtarovich, offered me the theme about Batyr. Of course, for me the problem of whether to write or not to write did not exist. Janybek batyr is a man of surprisingly harmonious personality, which stands as the personification of the classical era of the Kazakh chivalry. It is mostly because his life, attitudes and actions were embodied with all the best elements of the era, which demonstrates all the pathos of the battle against the Dzungar invasion and, finally, attempts to unify the Kazakh people and resolve the internal political issues"- said I. Erofeeva. She also added that according to historical sources, this batyr outgrown the frameworks of the clan and tribal thinking by in his outlook and views.

"He thought as a statesman. Moreover, it was not accidentally that the officials spoke and wrote in Russian papers that he was not less powerful than the khans are, and that he was the most noble among elders. I used this line as the title of the book. Because this general opinion was shared by Galdan Tseren, who mentioned Janybek in his papers as an equal with the Khans "- said Irina Erofeeva.