If a nation does not know its history, if the country loses its history, then its citizens have nowhere to go.
Mirzhakyp Dulatuly

The strategy of eternity

On January 17, 2014, Kazakhstan and the world community have seen a new President's Message "Kazakhstan's way - 2050: The overarching goal, common interests, common future."

His vision on the general document on the future of the country expressed the doctor of historical sciences, professor, academician of the International Academy of Informatization and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Senior Researcher of the Institute of History and Ethnology of the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan, Sattar Mazhitov.

The Immunity of Kazakhstan's independence was strengthened with the help of another political document of the country. The new message of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has caused a special anticipation since the time of the forum dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the international training program "Bolashak" in November 2014. On this day, the Head of State promised that the next message of the President will focus on the implementation of the Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050". "The next message will focus on the way of implementation of this program, what we need for this and what resources we need to use" – said N. Nazarbayev,  referring to the scholars and graduates of the program "Bolashak".

At that moment, the attention of the Kazakh people has been focused on the fact, that the experience of social and economic modernization of the country is important for the rest of the world. The Sober attitude to the challenges of modernity and real solutions to overcome them will have a wide resonance among those who care about the future of mankind. Therefore, these strategic documents and programs should first be studied and implemented by the most mobile part of society in the face of the younger generation. In the end, what is being done for the benefit of one country is a component of universal and planetary commons.

Today, when the world is gripped by race nanotechnology race, by the propaganda of information about the negatives covering the world, it is important to stop and tell the world about the primacy of self-preservation of humanity through the concern for the welfare of every citizen of the planet. Throughout all the years of independence, this priority was paramount in determining the President of Kazakhstan’s domestic and foreign policy of the country. Thus the new message says that about 97 percent of Kazakhstan people noted the stability of their social position and its annual improvement.

The scale vision of the problems through the prism of their specifics and realities included Kazakhstan into the number of countries that have developed immunity to disasters and systemic crises. This is largely due to the fact that our country firmly took on the long-term development priorities. In this regard, a new Message says that: "Only the strong and powerful states will engaged in the long-term planning and ensuring the stability of the economic growth. Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050" should be regarded as an upgrade path, covering all areas and providing an advanced growth".

The Horizons of the future could always be touched through their economic dimension. That is why the basic priorities of the economy will be focused on improving people's lives in the next few years and in the light of the Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050". The goals will be achieved through the five periods, for 7 years each, over the next 35 years. That is how Kazakhstan will be approved as a country of "eternity" in the general flow of the social, economic, political and spiritual history of the world of the first half of the 21th century. In this regard the Message says that: "The strategic planning in the 21 century is the rule number 1. No wind will favorable, if the country does not know the route and arrival harbor".

As it is noted in the Message of the President, the composite objects of the scale breakthrough, in the light of the implementation of the tasks of the Strategy " Kazakhstan - 2050", will be the innovations, infrastructure revolution, an urban perspective, we should also get rid of social problems and senseless hopes for a "manna from heaven", we should work for the prosperity of the country and should develop the feeling of responsibility for the future of the country. Moreover, it is important to create a culture and tradition of continuity in work and business. The confidence in the fact that your business will continue to grow in the future, creates a very real conditions for the realization of the long term tasks. From this it follows that the provisions of the Communication are aimed at increasing the social responsibility of the state and society in ensuring conditions for the continuity of family tradition as a basis for the conservation of social values ​​. In this regard, the President made ​​a concrete proposal: "We have to cancel all the inert laws that are preventing the development of business. Our path to the future is linked to the creation of new opportunities for realizing the potential of Kazakhstan. Small business should become a family tradition, which will be passed on from generation to generation".

The orders of the President Nursultan Nazarbayev on the revitalization of industrial parks, increasing the students scholarships from January 1 2016, the maintaining of the current economic growth at 6-7%, on the elaboration of a package of measures to reduce the inflation to 3-4% in the medium term, increasing the salaries of doctors and teachers in 2015, the introduction of new models of remuneration of civil servants, development and implementation of a new model of wages for civil servants on July 1, 2015, increasing the transit potential of Kazakhstan and a number of others, all of them are have the indicators, aimed at improving the consistency of the state and the dignity of society and the citizen in a developed country.

At all times the authority of the country was determined by its power and role in ensuring the global security. Today the world needs a peaceful atom. In this connection, the attention is drawn to our own production of fuel for the nuclear power plants and nuclear power plant construction. «We cannot forget about the prospects of nuclear energy. The need for the cheap nuclear power will only grow. Fukushima Syndrome is quite another matter. Where there is a tsunami and an earthquake. And because this type of energy will be needed as pure energy, we cannot give up, "- said the President of Kazakhstan.

Statement on the right to long-term durability causes certain risks. The main among them, in terms of the state, is due to the fact that the strategic plans, as he said, will become a big test for the state and the unity, courage and hard work. Implementation of the Strategy is a total debt for all Kazakhs. An exemplary embodiment of this debt is a pattern for the rest of the world.

The spectrum of the leitmotifs of a new country program document is very broad and at the same time quite specific. It is difficult to overestimate their importance for present and future generations of Kazakhstan. The main thing is that all the provisions of the Epistles and the orders of the President related to concern about the welfare of people. It said about talent, hard work and tolerance of people of Kazakhstan. As the leader of nation, he has in his hands the helm of the future in the form of the Strategy "Kazakhstan - 2050". New Message is another tactical component on the path begun in promoting the future of sovereign Kazakhstan